With those who were eligible for the Arkham Airdrop, have you guys sold all the $ARKM, or still diamond hand holding it?

Let’s take a look at the real-time statistics of this Airdrop.


Source (home made): https://dune.com/tk-research/arkham


1. Arkham Airdrop Value

According to the estimated data, the value of Arkham’s Airdrop this time falls around $14.05M.

This is a modest number compared to the recent airdrops of the Crypto market. (ARB with a total value of up to $1B, or APT is also worth about $300M)

However, this is also relatively understandable because Arkham is just a project of the Social-Fi trend. Even so, we have only been exposed to the term “Social-Fi” through Binance’s Launchpad projects recently, of which the tokens on the market have not had any significant price reaction.

2. Notable wallets holding Arkham

Besides wallets owned by the Arkham team, as well as wallets for the general development of the project, some names can be mentioned as follows.

GSR Market Maker: 8,999,704 ARKM ~~ $5.4M

Wintermute Trading: 4,999,998 ARKM ~~ $3M

3. CEX holding ARKM

Binance is the largest exchange holding ARKM with balance up to 90,789,720 ARKM ~~ $55M

Then there are Bybit, Gate, Bitget, MEXC, however the wallet balance of these exchanges is completely unable to compare with Binance. Their total ARKM is less than 1/10 of the number of ARKM that Binance is holding.

So, we can see that the $ARKM price will be largely dominated by Binance and Wintermute Trading. Early detection of these wallet addresses will give us a slight advantage in observing the transactions related to these wallet addresses, thereby making reasonable investment decisions.