The banking and real estate assets of Alex Mashinsky, the former CEO of Celsius, have been ordered frozen as a criminal case against him moves forward. Court documents, unsealed on Tuesday, revealed that Mashinsky’s assets were frozen due to his arrest on multiple counts, including securities fraud and manipulation of Celsius’ CEL token. Mashinsky, who co-founded the lending platform, has pleaded not guilty to these charges, describing them as “baseless.”

The Court Order

Banking And Real Estate Assets Of Former Celsius Chief Alex Mashinsky Frozen

New York Judge Jed Rakoff issued an edict forbidding financial institutions from selling assets in a number of Goldman Sachs bank accounts held in the name of the Koala LLC company and a residential property in Austin, Texas. This order was initially kept secret due to concerns that the accounts could be drained before being frozen. However, it has now been unsealed, allowing for further scrutiny of Mashinsky’s financial situation.

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Mashinsky’s Arrest and Legal Proceedings

Mashinsky was arrested in July and subsequently released on a $40 million bond. Prosecutors have stated that they require six to eight weeks to gather evidence, including reviewing Mashinsky’s online videos, in which he is alleged to have misled investors. The criminal case against him is progressing, and the freezing of his assets demonstrates the seriousness of the charges he faces.

The Fallout from Celsius’ Demise

Celsius, a crypto company that collapsed in July 2022 during the crypto winter, has left its creditors seeking restitution. Currently, the creditors are voting on whether to sell assets to a buyer consortium known as Fahrenheit. If approved, this plan could potentially allow the creditors to regain access to some of their holdings, providing some relief after the company’s downfall.

The Importance of Asset Freezing

Asset freezing is a crucial step in criminal cases, particularly when there is concern that the accused may attempt to dissipate their assets before facing legal consequences. By freezing Alex Mashinsky’s banking and real estate assets, the court aims to preserve their value and ensure that they are available for potential restitution if he is found guilty.

The Impact on Mashinsky and Celsius

Banking And Real Estate Assets Of Former Celsius Chief Alex Mashinsky Frozen

The freezing of Alex Mashinsky’s assets undoubtedly has significant implications for both him and Celsius. It restricts his ability to access and use those assets for personal or business purposes. Additionally, it may impact the ability of Celsius to recover any funds owed to its creditors, as the frozen assets could potentially be used for restitution if Mashinsky is found guilty.

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The Voting Process for Creditors

The creditors play a crucial role in determining the future of the company. They are currently engaged in a voting process to decide whether to sell assets to the buyer consortium, Fahrenheit. This decision will have far-reaching implications for the creditors’ ability to recover their investments and potentially regain access to some of their holdings.

The Allegations against Alex Mashinsky

Mashinsky is facing serious charges, including securities fraud and manipulation of CEL tokens. These allegations suggest that he engaged in deceptive practices to mislead investors and potentially benefit personally from these actions. The ongoing investigation and legal proceedings will determine the validity of these allegations and whether Mashinsky is ultimately found guilty.


The freezing of Alex Mashinsky’s banking and real estate assets marks a significant development in the ongoing criminal case against him. It demonstrates the seriousness of the charges and the court’s commitment to preserving the value of these assets for potential restitution. The voting process for Celsius’ creditors and the outcome of the criminal case will shape the future of the company and the fate of those affected by its collapse. As the legal proceedings progress, it remains to be seen how this case will unfold and what consequences it will have for Alex Mashinsky, Celsius, and its creditors.

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