Recently, Binance announced its 49th project on Binance (ETHFI), a decentralized protocol offering non-custodial delegated staking with a Liquid Staking token. Notably, stakers maintain control over their keys, setting it apart from others. So what is special about this project, and can we still manage to farm its airdrop? We will let you know the details in this article.

What is ether.Fi (ETHFI)? is a protocol enabling users to stake ETH and acquire eETH, a liquid staking token reinvested within the system, fostering DeFi and enhancing Ethereum’s decentralization. By holding eETH, users gain access to ETH staking rewards, points, and EigenLayer points. Moreover, they maintain custody of their tokens and can participate in diverse DeFi applications through partnerships with platforms like Aave and Pendle.

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Details about the upcoming Launchpool on Binance

Ethfi On Binance Launchpool (Source: Binance)
ETHFI on Binance Launchpool (Source: Binance)

Binance Launchpool offers an exciting opportunity to engage with ether.Fi, the 49th project on Launchpool. Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Verify your Binance account: Make sure you have verified your account to be eligible to stake in the launchpools. Don’t have a Binance account yet? Register here
  2. Stake your BNB / FDUSD in the pools: Earn ETHFI tokens by staking your current holdings of BNB or FDUSD on Binance Launchpool.
  3. Claim your rewards and trade: Once the farming duration ends, you need to claim all your rewards in ETHFI tokens (you can claim the rewards at any time), and then get ready for the token listing on 2024-03-18 at 12:00 (UTC), with trading pairs as ETHFI/BTC, ETHFI/USDT, ETHFI/BNB, ETHFI/FDUSD, and ETHFI/TRY.

ETHFI Launchpool Details:

  • Token Name: (ETHFI)
  • Max Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 ETHFI 
  • Launchpool Token Rewards: 20,000,000 ETHFI (2% of max token supply)
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 115,200,000 ETHFI (11.52% of max token supply)
  • Smart Contract Details: Ethereum
  • Staking Terms: KYC required 
  • Hourly Hard Cap per User:
    • 16,666.66 ETHFI in BNB pool
    • 4,166.66 ETHFI in FDUSD pool

Supported Pools: 

  • Stake BNB (webpage will be available in around 24 hours): 16,000,000 ETHFI in rewards (80%) 
  • Stake FDUSD (webpage will be available in around 24 hours): 4,000,000 ETHFI in rewards (20%)
  • Farming Period: 2024-03-14 00:00 (UTC) to 2024-03-17 23:59 (UTC).

ETHFI Farming Distribution

Dates (00:00:00 – 23:59:59 UTC each day)Total Daily Rewards (ETHFI)BNB Pool Daily Rewards (ETHFI)FDUSD Pool Daily Rewards (ETHFI)
2024-03-14 – 2024-03-175,000,0004,000,0001,000,000 
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Regarding the Binance Launchpool, there are some points that you should note:

  • Hourly snapshots of user and total pool balances are taken to calculate rewards.
  • Users can accumulate and claim rewards to their spot accounts at any time.
  • Real-time updates of APY and total pool balance are provided.
  • Tokens can only be staked in one pool at a time.
  • Users can unstake funds instantly and participate in other pools immediately.
  • Staked tokens and unclaimed rewards are transferred to users’ spot accounts at the end of each farming period.
  • BNB Vault and Locked Products support Launchpool participation, with staked BNB automatically included for new token rewards.
  • BNB collateralizing Binance Loans (Flexible Rate) do not receive Launchpool rewards.
  • Staked BNB still offers standard benefits like airdrops, Launchpad eligibility, and VIP benefits.

ETHFI Hidden Airdrop Tutorials

The countdown for Airdrop 1 has ended, but we found that there is another 5% allocation for the second airdrop wave in their tokenomics.

Image 11


1/ Visit:, then go to the “Portfolio” tab -> Connect your wallet

Image 12

2/ After connecting your wallet, go to the “Show all badges”. At this section, do the Daily Collector to check-in daily to get points.

Next, verify your email to get the “Verify badge” to earn 5,000 points for free. You can do multiple accounts to have higher chance to get huge airdrop from the second airdrop wave.

Image 12 1

3/ Follow the instructions to verify your email, then you will earn 5,000 points.

Image 12 2

4/ All done. Remember to check-in daily and stay up to date to get the points from ether.Fi.


Etherfi is a DeFi protocol that allows users to stake assets to provide liquidity built on Ethereum and other blockchains. Here, users staking assets retain control of their security keys within the protocol safely and without interference from centralized services. Additionally, within the Etherfi community, users can also register for node-running services to further maximize profitability.

Through this post, you should have gained some basic information about the Etherfi project and how to farm EtherFi on Binance Launchpool, as well as how to farm the second-round airdrop of the project. Wishing you all the best of luck farmers.

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