More users at Ethereum Scaling Solutions have switched from Blockchain Layer 1 to Layer-2s. Here is a recap of the Ethereum Weekly Ecosystem.

Key Takeaways

  • Ethereum & Layer-2s On-chain Data Highlights
  • NFTs are officially live on Uniswap
  • Optimism announces Retroactive Public Goods Funding Round 2
  • Trader Joe is deploying to Arbitrum
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Ecosystem Updates

Will Ethereum Scaling Solutions (Layer-2s) be the next trend in 2023?

Ethereum & Layer-2s On-chain Data Highlights​​

Ethereum Weekly Recap Week 49 - 1

The Ethereum and Layer-2s ecosystems each showed signs of a slight expansion over the past week, as measured by data indicators such as the total value of Ethereum that was locked up in L1 and the number of active addresses. These data indicators include the number of active addresses.

Both of the ecosystems showed signs of the aforementioned improvements. In spite of the fact that it is anticipated that the market for cryptocurrencies will go through a number of ups and downs in the future, the creator of the cryptocurrency will always maintain a stable state in order to continue making contributions to society and creating new things.

Weekly Highlight News

Ethereum News

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NFTs are officially live on Uniswap

To celebrate NFTs on Uniswap, the decentralized smart-contract-based exchange running on the Ethereum network is sending about 5 million USDC to some long-standing Genie users. It is also offering gas discounts to the first 22,000 NFT users.

Issuing USDC to Genie users
The exchange platform created two recipient tiers from an April snapshot. The $300 level is for wallets with multiple transactions before the snapshot.

Genie-Genesis NFT wallets can access the $1,000 level. Genie-Genesis NFTs in the same wallet are eligible only once due to unique addresses.

Users can apply for their USDC airdrop at for 12 months for both levels.

Optimism announces Retroactive Public Goods Funding Round 2
Ethereum Weekly Recap Week 49 - 2

Optimism will also introduce the first iteration of the Citizens’ House to govern how this funding is allocated.

Categories of public goods that can be nominated in RetroPGF 2 include infrastructure, tooling, education, etc. The process is as follows: 

• The Optimism Governance Forum accepts funding nominations from Jan 3-17.

• To receive funding, nominations must complete a Gitcoin Grants Hub project profile between Jan 3 and 24.

• RetroPGF 2 badgeholders decide project funding. Voting runs Jan 31–Feb 10. 

• Results will be announced in late February.

Trader Joe is deploying to Arbitrum

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Arbitrum One is the next step in this global expansion, and we look forward to introducing the innovative AMM built on Avalanche and working with new partners to benefit the collective DeFi ecosystems of Arbitrum and Avalanche.

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The key features of Liquidity Book AMM:

• Novel Volatility Accumulator that controls a volatility adjusted dynamic fee 

• Discretised bin architecture enabling the concentration of liquidity 

• Composable architecture with fungible token receipts 

• Minimal trading fees, thanks to zero slippage swaps

Additional Notable Events

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