Defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX is poised to sell its stake in artificial intelligence firm Anthropic, valued at approximately $1 billion, to address its bankruptcy debts. According to a report by CNBC on March 22, the impending sale is part of FTX’s efforts to resolve its financial obligations following its bankruptcy declaration.

Stake Sale Initiated to Settle FTX’s Bankruptcy Obligations


FTX’s decision to offload its Anthropic stake comes as the exchange seeks to meet its bankruptcy debts. The reported sale, valued at around $1 billion, marks a significant step in FTX’s restructuring efforts. Anthropic is currently exploring potential investors to acquire the stake, with sources indicating that a deal is anticipated to be finalized within the next few weeks. The sale is being facilitated through a special purpose vehicle (SPV), a legal entity often utilized in bankruptcy scenarios to ensure the parent company’s compliance with legal obligations.

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Exclusion of Key Investors Amidst National Security Concerns

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Notably, sources cited by CNBC revealed that certain investors, including Google and Amazon, are not considering purchasing FTX’s Anthropic stake. Additionally, Saudi Arabia has reportedly been excluded from contention due to alleged national security concerns. While the specifics of this exclusion remain unclear, it underscores the complexities surrounding the sale process. Despite the stake being comprised of “Class B” non-voting shares, potential buyers are navigating various considerations, including geopolitical factors and market dynamics.

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FTX’s impending sale of its Anthropic stake represents a pivotal development in the exchange’s efforts to address its bankruptcy debts. As negotiations progress and potential buyers emerge, the outcome of the sale will significantly impact FTX’s financial restructuring. However, amidst ongoing legal proceedings, including FTX boss Sam Bankman-Fried’s sentencing hearing scheduled for March 28, the exchange continues to navigate challenges stemming from its turbulent past. The resolution of FTX’s bankruptcy debts, through the sale of its Anthropic stake, marks a critical juncture in the exchange’s journey toward financial stability and regulatory compliance.