HashKey, an Asia-based cryptocurrency exchange, has received the first-ever license to offer crypto retail trading in Hong Kong. The approval comes as part of the city’s new administration’s efforts to foster growth in the cryptocurrency industry and establish Hong Kong as a prominent player in the global crypto market.

HashKey Leads the Way with the First Crypto Retail Trading License

Hashkey - The Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Exchange

The issuance of a crypto retail trading license to HashKey marks a milestone achievement for both the exchange and the city of Hong Kong. The license comes after the country introduced its Virtual Asset Service Provider Licensing Amendment on June 1st, reflecting the city’s progress in the evolving digital asset landscape. HashKey’s approval positions it as a pioneer in the region’s crypto market, setting a precedent for other players in the industry.

Advancing Hong Kong’s Cryptocurrency Ambitions

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By obtaining the first crypto retail trading license, HashKey strengthens Hong Kong’s aspirations to become a major player in the global cryptocurrency space. Despite a ban on digital assets in mainland China, Hong Kong continues to foster an environment that encourages innovation and growth in the crypto industry. The exchange’s compliance with the licensing program reflects its commitment to adhering to regulations while serving retail investors in the country.


HashKey’s groundbreaking achievement in obtaining the first crypto retail trading license demonstrates the growing significance of Hong Kong in the cryptocurrency world. As the city paves the way for the development of digital assets and the metaverse, HashKey’s approval serves as a positive signal for the industry’s future in the region. With its compliance and commitment to regulatory standards, HashKey sets an example for other cryptocurrency exchanges seeking to operate in the country’s burgeoning crypto market.

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