Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Disney history? Well, now you can – sort of. In 2021, Disney announced that it would be releasing its first-ever non-fungible token (NFT). These NFTs make them perfect for things like collectibles or one-of-a-kind artwork. 

And as the world’s most extensive entertainment company, Disney has no shortage of iconic items to choose from. So, what exactly can you expect from Disney’s NFT release? More importantly, read on if you’re interested in knowing where and how to buy Disney NFTs.

About Disney NFTs

NFTs are digital assets representing anything from art to collectibles to in-game items. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, which are interchangeable and can be used to purchase goods and services, NFTs are unique and cannot be divided or exchanged. Generally, NFTs can be used to make money or to earn as collectibles.

NFTs are created using blockchain technology, which allows for secure and transparent transactions. When you purchase an NFT, you buy a piece of digital real estate stored on the blockchain. It means that you own the NFT forever and can do with it as you please.

Disney, the multinational media company that produces Pixar, Marvel, and other films, recently announced a collaboration with VeVe, a mobile NFT platform, and promised to release collectibles of well-known, well-loved characters. Disney NFTs are digital collectibles that can be bought and sold on the blockchain. They often represent ownership of in-game items, feelings, or other digital assets. 

Because of NFTs’ unique and uninterchangeable features, fans are more interested in knowing where and how to buy Disney NFTs. This Disney NFT series is called “Golden Moments.”

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Disney NFTs Collections at VeVe

VeVe is a premium licensed digital collectibles market-centered app. Users can purchase common, uncommon, or unique digital collectibles through VeVe. They released collections for fans, including Mickey Mouse NFT, Pixar Pals NFT, and Marvel NFT.

Mickey Mouse NFT

The Mickey Mouse NFT collection includes the Disney NFT Drop, a video montage of the whole Mickey Mouse universe. The NFT is intended to feature a handful of memorable Mickey Mouse moments.

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Pixar Pals NFT

Before it became a Disney affiliate, Pixar created iconic animated films adored by audiences everywhere, such as Toy Story, The Incredibles, Coco, and Up. The gist is that all Pixar Pals NFTs were packaged in blind boxes. You are unaware of the contents of an NFT until you purchase it for a fixed price of $60.

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Marvel NFT

The Marvel universe, its characters, and other collectibles were introduced to the metaverse by Marvel Entertainment and Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited, the business behind the VeVe Digital Collectibles App.

Spiderman, one of the most well-known Marvel Super Heroes, is among the famous Disney’s Marvel NFTs. Owning and having experience with collectibles is exciting for those who love Marvel. Being a fan of Marvel becomes even more enjoyable as NFTs may be presented in the metaverse.

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Where to buy Disney NFT

In November 2021, the first Disney NFTs with complete branding came out. The Disney Golden Moments were the first specifically Disney-branded NFTs to drop on VeVe in honor of Disney+ Day when Disney and VeVe released an NFT collection called “Disney Golden Moments.

To this day, All official Disney NFTs have been released through the NFT marketplace VeVe. Disney NFTs immediately run out on the days they are on sale. Likewise, their secondary market prices are typically higher than their initial selling prices.


How to buy Disney NFT on VeVe

It’s important to note that Disney NFTs likely sell out quickly. Follow these instructions to secure your own Disney NFTs to be in the running for a piece of the patented Disney magic.

Step 1: Install the VeVe App on your mobile device

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Step 2: Create an account by inputting all necessary details

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When you have entered all your information, a code will be given to your email for authentication. Enter the code into your Veve app to complete the account creation process.

Step 3: Verify your VeVe account

For KYC purposes, VeVe would ask for any Government-issued ID and ID number, along with your proof of address, which you can present through bank statements and utility bills, among other examples. You must also have GEMs–the native currency used to purchase NFTs on VeVe.

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Step 4: Buy GEMs

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You can buy GEMs within the app. 1 GEM is equivalent to $1.00 in price and can be purchased with a credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

Step 5: Start Browsing the Market or wait for a Drop.

At any point, just press the Market icon to see every Disney NFT that is currently available. On the Auction page, you can Buy Now or Submit a bid.

However, note that shopping via the Market for NFTs can result in you paying more than if you were to purchase an NFT when it drops. Another thing to think about is that if the collectible’s value reduces after it drops, you might get a better price on an NFT.

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That said, you may choose to wait for upcoming drops. In that case, you may go to the Store option and tap Drops.

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You may see the most recent drops, anticipated drops, the rarity, and the cost of each NFT here. However, the quick sell-out of Disney NFTs would be your primary concern in this situation. Remember that prices are typically higher right after the NFT drop concludes.

Why buy Disney NFTs: Is It Worth It?

If you’re a Disney fan, then you know that the company has a long and storied history of producing some of the most beloved characters and stories in pop culture. Now, with the advent of blockchain technology, you can own a piece of that history by purchasing Disney NFTs.

As mentioned, NFTs are tokens that are stored on a blockchain. This means that they are unique and cannot be replicated. When you purchase an NFT, you buy its digital file. This could be a collectible, an image, a video, or other types of media.

Why buy Disney NFTs? There are a few reasons why you might want to consider purchasing Disney NFTs. 

1. They are unique and cannot be replicated. This means they will likely increase in value over time as demand increases. 

2. Owning an NFT allows you to show off your fandom to the world in an impossible way with physical items. 

3. By buying Disney NFTs, you are supporting the continued development of blockchain technology.

If you’re interested in purchasing Disney NFTs, you can get started with VeVe and browse their Market or wait for Drops.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a unique and magical way to show your love for Disney, then buying Disney NFT could be the perfect option. With so many releases, there’s sure to be an ideal option for every fan out there. Whether you want to purchase immediately through VeVe Market or wait for Drops, buying Disney NFT is a great way to show your appreciation for all things Disney.


Is Disney NFT valuable?

Disney NFTs are valuable digital assets that will continue to increase in value, given Disney’s widespread appeal. Not to mention how they are selling like hotcakes, given their low costs. Every Disney NFT collection released thus far has sold out very instantly.

What is the first Disney NFT?

The Spider-Man Modern Marvel Series debuted on August 7, 2021, and was the first real “Disney” NFT released under the Marvel label. Earlier editions introduced animated Marvel NFTs to life and gave fans a preview of what was to come.

Can you sell your VeVe NFT?

Yes, you can sell Disney and other kinds of VeVe NFTs. They ensured digital collectibles might be bought and sold quite easily using the platform.