In this research, we explore the global interest in Bitcoin halving events using data from Google Trends. Bitcoin halving is a significant event in the cryptocurrency world where the rewards for mining new blocks are halved, often influencing market dynamics and investor sentiment.

Bitcoin halving events occur approximately every four years, with the most recent ones happening in July 2016, May 2020, and April 2024. These events have historically been associated with increased attention from investors, traders, and the general public due to their potential impact on Bitcoin’s price and the cryptocurrency market.


To conduct this research, we utilized Google Trends data for 2024, which provides insights into the popularity of the search term “Bitcoin Halving” over time and across different regions.

Additionally, we also compared the search interest during the 2024 halving event with previous halving events in 2016 and 2020 to assess any changes in public sentiment and awareness over time. 

Key Findings

  • The Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, and Singapore are the top 5 countries with the most interest in Bitcoin Halving.
  • 9 out of 10 top cities showing the most interest in Bitcoin Halving are situated in Europe, with the exception of Singapore.
  • The US ranked number 22nd in search interest on Bitcoin Halving, in which, South Dakota and North Dakota are the states that have the highest score.
  • The interest in Bitcoin halving is double in 2024 compared to interest in the previous halving in 2020.

Which Countries Are Most Interested in Bitcoin Halving?

The countries most interested in the Bitcoin Halving event are the Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Singapore, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Nigeria, and Australia. Here is the list: 

Countries That Are Most Interested In Bitcoin Halving

The Netherlands leads the pack with a maximum interest level of 100, closely followed by Slovenia at 88, Switzerland at 85, Austria at 73, and Singapore at 70. These countries exhibit a robust enthusiasm for Bitcoin halving, with their interest levels significantly surpassing the global average.

Interestingly, the United States, a key player in the cryptocurrency market, ranks 22nd in terms of interest, with a score of 29 only. Despite its prominent role in the crypto sphere, the U.S. falls behind several other nations.

European Dominance in Bitcoin Halving Interest

Notably, the top 10 countries showing the most interest in Bitcoin halving are predominantly located in Europe, with Singapore being the sole exception. This underscores the widespread global fascination with Bitcoin halving, with Europe emerging as a particularly enthusiastic region in this regard.

Among the European countries, Zurich leads with a perfect score of 100, indicating a high level of curiosity and engagement with the upcoming Bitcoin halving. Following closely behind is Amsterdam with a score of 98. Rotterdam also shows considerable interest, scoring 93, while Vienna registers a respectable level of 74.

European Dominant In Bitcoin Halving Interest

Which States in the US Are Most Interested in Bitcoin Halving?

When it comes to interest in Bitcoin halving across the United States, South Dakota and North Dakota take the lead with perfect scores of 100. 

Following closely behind are the District of Columbia, Hawaii, and New Jersey, scoring 98, 97, and 92, respectively. Washington, considered the financial hub of the United States, surprisingly ranked 11th in national interest in Bitcoin Halving, while California secured the 8th spot.

Which States In The Us Is Most Interested In Bitcoin Halving

Comparing Bitcoin Halving Interest: 2016, 2020, 2024

The interest in Bitcoin halving has notably surged over the years, as evidenced by data from Google Trends. During the second halving, July 2016, the interest level stood at a modest score of 4, which then rose significantly to 51 in May 2020. 

However, the most recent data from April 2024 reveals a substantial spike, with the interest level reaching an impressive score of 100. This indicates a doubling of interest rates from 2020 to 2024, reflecting the growing curiosity and awareness surrounding Bitcoin halving.

Comparing Bitcoin Halving Interest In 2016 2020 2024
DateInterest Score (Google Trends)
Nov 2012 (First Halving)0
July 2016 (Second Halving)4
May 2020 (Third Halving)51
April 2024 (Fourth Halving)100


In conclusion, the dominance of European countries, along with Singapore, indicates a potential shift in cryptocurrency hubs and investor focus. Interestingly, while the United States remains a major crypto player, public interest in Bitcoin halving appears less concentrated compared to other regions. In coming years, as Bitcoin continues to mature, the role of halving in its price trajectory and overall adoption will be a crucial area to monitor for investors and enthusiasts alike.

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