Ledger is the leader in crypto security and cold wallets. They have sold over 6 million devices worldwide, supporting over 5,500 coins and multi-blockchain NFTs.

But how do you choose the best Ledger hardware wallets for you? In this article, we will help you compare two of their popular models: Ledger Stax vs Ledger Nano X.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ledger Stax is the newest and most premium model, whereas Nano X is the best-selling wallet. Ledger Nano S Plus is the entry-level wallet from Ledger.
  • Ledger Stax offers a bigger touchscreen display and longer battery life than Nano X.
  • Ledger Nano X provides a unique “Ledger Recover” feature to back up your seed phrase, while Stax doesn’t have this feature.

Ledger Stax vs Ledger Nano X: The Complete Comparison

Ledger StaxLedger Nano X
Launched date20232019
Hardware Cost$279.00$149.00
Screen3.7 inch curved E Ink touchscreen1.3 inch OLED screen
Battery200 mAh, wireless charging100 mAh, USB-C charging
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.2, USB-CBluetooth 4.2, USB-C
Apps capacityUp to 100 appsUp to 100 apps
Storage space1.5 MB2 MB
Supported crypto assetsLedger Live: 5003rd party wallet: 5000+Ledger Live: 5003rd party wallet: 5000+
NFT storageYesYes
CustomizationName and lock screenNone
Build QualityAluminum and plastic with embedded magnets for stackabilityBrushed stainless steel and plastic
Dimensions85mm x 54mm x 6mm72mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm
Certified secure element chipST33K1M5, CC EAL5+ certifiedST33J2M0, CC EAL5+ certified
PIN ProtectionYesYes
Operating systemBOLOS (Ledger proprietary OS)BOLOS 
Device compatibilityWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, AndroidWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Software wallet compatibility50+50+

1. Supported Coins

Supported Coins On Ledger Wallet

You can use both Ledger Stax and Ledger Nano X to hold over 500 coins with the Ledger Live app and 5000+ tokens using 3rd party software wallets. Some popular software wallets that work with Ledger devices are MetaMask, Exodus, Trust Wallet, and many more.

 By using the Ledger Live app, you can also store your Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on these devices. If you have NFTs from other blockchains, you can use other compatible hot wallets that work with Ledger wallets. 

Winner: Tie. Both support the same number of coins and tokens through the Ledger Live app.

2. Price

Ledger Stax’s price is $279, while Ledger Nano X costs $149 on the official website. You don’t have to pay shipping or return fees if you buy from the Ledger’s website. 

The only cost you have to pay when using these devices is the network fee for each transaction you make. This fee is not set by Ledger but by your blockchain network. However, Ledger always allows you to customize your transaction fee based on your requirements. A higher transaction fee means a faster transaction.

Winner: Ledger Nano X is more affordable than the Ledger Stax wallet.

3. Security Features

Ledger Wallet Security Image

Both Ledger Stax and Ledger Nano X are very secure devices. They use a secure chip (CC EAL5+) that protects your private keys and secrets from hackers. They also use a PIN code and a 24-word Secret Recovery Phrase to ensure that only you can access your assets. 

Ledger Stax has an advantage over Ledger Nano X in terms of security. It has a curved E Ink touch screen that shows you the details of the smart contract that you are signing with your device. Ledger Nano X has a small OLED screen that shows you the transaction information but not the smart contract details.

Ledger Nano X also comes with an optional “Ledger Recover” feature. It works by backing up your Secret Recovery Phrase using your private key and identity details. 

Your private key is divided into three parts and encrypted. These parts are stored safely by three different providers: Ledger, Coincover, and EscrowTech. Your identity details are checked using your ID card to connect the backup to your Ledger Recover account. 

Winner: Ledger Stax due to extra smart contract information while signing transaction.

4. Device Specifications

Ledger Stax has a 400×672 px E Ink touch screen, a USB-C connector, a Qi wireless charging pad, embedded magnets, and a customizable lock screen. It can also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can also use your NFTs as a lock screen wallpaper on the Stax model.

Ledger Nano X has a 128×64 px OLED screen, a USB-C connector, and a rechargeable battery. It can also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Winner: Ledger Stax has more features than Nano X, like a customizable screen and magnets for stacking multiple ledger wallets.

5. Storage Capacity

Ledger Stax’s memory size is 1.5 MB, while Ledger Nano X has 2 MB of storage space. The storage space of these devices affects how many coins and tokens you can hold and manage on them. 

You can install up to 100 apps simultaneously on both devices, depending on the size of the apps. You don’t have to worry about losing your assets if you uninstall or reinstall apps because they are stored on the blockchain, not your device.

Winner: Nano X has more memory size than Ledger Stax.

6. Battery

Ledger Stax has a 200mAh battery, which means it can last for months without needing to be plugged in. The Ledger Nano X has around 100mAh, lasting up to 8 days. 

The Stax battery is wirelessly rechargeable, while the Nano X can be recharged using a USB-C cable.

Winner: Ledger Stax has a bigger and better battery than Nano X.

What is Ledger Nano X Crypto Wallet?

Ledger Nano X Wallet Image

Ledger Nano X hardware wallet was released in 2019 as an improved version of the Ledger Nano S. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth so that you can manage your digital assets anytime, anywhere. It has a big screen, a long-lasting battery, and a lot of storage space for different crypto and NFTs.

The Nano X has a built-in accelerometer that detects if someone is trying to temper with your device. It also has a temperature sensor that prevents it from getting too hot and a light sensor that adjusts the screen’s brightness.

You can customize your device with different colors and accessories, such as leather cases, metal plates, and stickers. You can also engrave your name or a message on the device for an extra fee. The Ledger Nano X is very secure and reliable. It uses a SE chip and BOLOS software to protect your private keys from hackers and malware. It also asks you to enter a PIN code and a 24-word seed phrase to access and restore your device.

Ledger Nano X 1

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Supports Bluetooth connection, Windows, MacOS, Linus, Android, iOS

Who should choose the Ledger Nano X?

If you’re someone who loves trading cryptocurrencies, the Ledger Nano X is a great fit. It’s super convenient and portable. You can also stake and lend your digital assets with DeFi apps partnered with Ledger.

Again, Tech-Savvy folks who know about blockchain and its transaction can also use it to connect various software wallets, third-party DeFi platforms, DApps, and NFT marketplaces and participate in ICOs.

To sum up, Nano X is best for you if:

  • You prefer a portable small hardware wallet
  • You prioritize security over the convenience of software wallets
  • You store only popular and high market cap coins because Nano X doesn’t support new and low market cap coins.

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What is Ledger Stax Crypto Wallet?

Ledger Stax Wallet Image

Ledger Stax is a new and premium device from the company. It was created by Tony Fadell, the co-creator of the iPhone, to provide a better user experience for Web3 users. The device was initially launched as a limited edition NFT bundle. It has a battery life of several months when left unused and at full charge.

It has a curved E Ink touchscreen that allows you confidently sign transactions, a customizable lock screen with your photo or NFT, wireless charging, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Ledger Stax also has a Secure Element chip and Ledger’s BOLOS that secure your private keys and a stackable design that connects multiple devices with magnets.


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Supports Touchcreen, Bluetooth. Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linus, Android, iOS. Supports NFTs & 5000+ coins

Who should choose the Ledger Stax?

Ledger Stax is for anyone who loves crypto and NFTs and wants to explore them with ease and style. It is also best for you if:

  • You have multiple ledger Stax devices. Each device has magnets that make them easy to stack together.
  • You need a large touchscreen display for signing transactions
  • You want to customize the display with your photo or NFTs like smartphones
  • You need a hardware wallet with longer battery life and wireless charging

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Final Thoughts

Ledger Stax Vs Leader Nano X Image

To conclude, Ledger Stax vs Nano X are both secure and user-friendly hardware wallets. But they have some differences in how they look, feel, and cost.

Ledger Stax is the more fancy and modern wallet, with a big touch screen, wireless charging, and personalized options.

Ledger Nano X is a more simple and handy wallet with a smaller screen, Bluetooth connection, and a nice design. Your best wallet depends on what you like and how much you are willing to spend to store your digital assets.

Ledger Stax vs Ledger Nano X: FAQs

Which Ledger wallet is best, Stax or Nano X?

The best Ledger hardware wallet depends on what you want and need. Ledger Stax is the easiest wallet to use with its 3.7″ credit-card-sized touch screen, which is also good if you need a wallet with longer battery life. However, the Ledger Stax cost of $279 might be expensive for you.

The Nano X is good if you want a secure hardware wallet with minimal design but don’t need the fancy features of the Stax.

When is the Ledger Stax release date?

According to Ledger’s official website, Ledger Stax will be available after Q2 2023, but you can pre-order it now. You can also sign up to be the first to know when it re-opens for orders.