Bitcoin Update

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The short-term wave structure of Bitcoin (BTC) remains consistent within its bullish channel, demonstrating a stable trajectory. Nevertheless, there is an emerging disparity between BTC’s price movement and trading volume. This divergence signals a cautionary note for investors, particularly as BTC nears the previously identified Sellzone.

It is advised to exercise vigilance and strategic planning as BTC approaches this critical Sellzone, ensuring thoughtful positioning and effective risk management within your trading account. Keep a keen watch on market developments and consider adjusting your orders accordingly to optimize your investment strategy and mitigate potential risks.

BTC Plan for this week:

  • Recent analysis has been validated with BTC rejecting lower price ranges and forming a short-term reversal trend.
  • The short-term trend is expected to continue rising towards 68,000.
  • BTC remains within a larger trading range of 60,000 to 68,000.
  • Current buy zone: 62,500-63,000.
  • Current sell zone: 68,000-69,500.
  • Traders should monitor price reactions in these zones for potential entry opportunities.

Altcoin Overview

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The current market environment continues to favor altcoins, maintaining a positive outlook for the time being. Altcoins that showed strength in positioning last week should be managed with a keen eye on account risk, particularly as Bitcoin (BTC) approaches the critical resistance zone between 68,000 and 69,500.

Furthermore, it’s essential to closely monitor Bitcoin Dominance (BTC.D), which is exhibiting a compressed movement within a descending triangle pattern, nearing the lower boundary of this formation. A potential breakout from this pattern suggests BTC.D could surge to establish new highs, which typically translates to challenging conditions for altcoin growth. It’s advised to exercise caution and remain vigilant about these developments, as they can significantly impact altcoin performance in the market. Keep a watchful eye on BTC.D to inform strategic decisions and optimize portfolio management during this dynamic period.

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Bitcoin Dominance

Signal Call

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