BNB Chain and Fellaz are making headlines with their announcement to introduce NFT ticketing to the Ultra Music Festival in Abu Dhabi. This pioneering move marks a significant step forward in the entertainment industry, providing music enthusiasts with a safe and easy way to purchase and handle their festival tickets.
Nft Ticketing - A Pioneering Move By Bnb Chain And Fellaz

BNB Chain and Fellaz Partner to Create Revolutionary NFT Ticketing System

The world’s top smart contract blockchain, BNB Chain, will drive the advanced ticketing solution, ensuring that all tickets are legitimate and verified. This collaboration with Fellaz, a leading Web3 entertainment ecosystem, will create a seamless and secure ticketing experience for Ultra Abu Dhabi fans, setting a new standard for Web3 fan involvement in the music sector.

Alvin Kan, BNB Chain’s Director of Growth and Operations, has stated that their NFT ticketing solution will introduce a secure and tamper-proof method for ticket verification, while also offering a convenient experience for fans. This is remarkable progress in the use of blockchain technology in the entertainment sector and is expected to set a new benchmark for Web3 fan engagement and entertainment applications, as per his confidence.

Fellaz’s CEO, Bobby Bhatia, conveyed his excitement about collaborating with BNB Chain to introduce their NFT ticketing system to the worldwide EDM music festival. He remarked that the integration of BNB’s technology would provide unbeatable security, resulting in a more secure and interactive ticket-buying experience for fans. Bhatia also expressed pride in Fellaz’s leading role in the entertainment industry alongside prominent brands such as Ultra.

Dudley Chou, the Managing Partner of UC Global, the company responsible for organizing the Ultra Abu Dhabi event, expressed great excitement about the collaboration with Fellaz and BNB Chain for the innovative ticketing solution. He remarked that the incorporation of NFTs in the event ticketing process is a rapidly growing trend, and the partnership will help to make this technology more accessible to the public. Chou noted that the seamless integration of Fellaz’s NFT ticketing system will offer unparalleled convenience and engagement for both fans and event organizers, with its exceptional security features.

Exclusive Benefits and Innovative Features

Fellaz NFT Tickets will offer exclusive benefits such as VIP admission and special meet-and-greet opportunities with artists. The tickets will go on sale soon, and music enthusiasts can anticipate a more flexible and hassle-free ticket-buying experience. The incorporation of NFTs in the ticketing process eliminates ticket fraud and provides innovative features such as personalized and interactive festival experiences.

The use of NFTs in the Ultra Music Festival’s ticketing process is a significant milestone for the entertainment industry. Fans can anticipate a reliable and secure ticket verification process and access exclusive experiences and content both on-site and beyond. For more information, visit