Amidst earlier suspicions of alterations to the PEPE smart contract, the PEPE team has taken action. Today, the team released an official statement to tackle recent controversies related to token sales and changes in the contract. This statement delves into the unsanctioned sale of a significant token quantity, shifts in multisig wallet requirements, and the removal of specific team members. The declaration, shared through PEPE’s official X (formally Twitter) account, seeks to offer community transparency and clear insights.

Unveiling Unannounced Token Sales and Contract Changes

The official statement, posted on PEPE’s official X account, confirms that some members of the PEPE core team executed token sales of approximately 16 trillion tokens without prior announcement. These actions were taken without community knowledge, raising concerns about transparency and accountability. The statement discloses that as a protective measure, the number of signatory wallets required for the multisig wallet was altered from 8 to 2. Additionally, the multisig wallet, which initially held 10 trillion PEPE, now rests with just one signature wallet, ensuring its safety.

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Team Member Revelations and Removal of Malicious Actors

The statement goes on to reveal that the remaining members of the PEPE team acknowledge the presence of disruptive and self-serving individuals within the project since its inception. These individuals have hindered PEPE’s development, resulting in conflicts and challenges. However, the statement highlights that the team has taken measures to expel these detrimental members and pave the way for a more constructive path forward.

Last Remaining PEPE Member’s Account of Events and Future Plans

According to the statement provided by the sole remaining team member, the events surrounding the token sale were unexpected and deeply concerning. The team member discloses a betrayal by three ex-team members who orchestrated the unauthorized sale of 16 trillion PEPE tokens. After this action, they disassociated themselves from the project by deleting their accounts and transferring tokens to exchanges. The remaining tokens, however, remain secure. The statement emphasizes the holder’s commitment to managing the token responsibly and ethically.

Future Prospects and Community Focus

Pepe Price At The Time Of Writing This Article (Source: Tradingview)
PEPE price at the time of writing this article (Source: TradingView)

The last remaining team member expresses a strong commitment to steering PEPE towards a decentralized state, aligning with the principles of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Despite the challenges faced, the holder envisions a future where PEPE thrives as an anti-fragile and truly community-driven meme-coin asset. The remaining 10 trillion tokens will be transitioned to a new wallet, with plans for strategic domain and username acquisitions for PEPE. Subsequent to these endeavors, the remaining tokens will be burned, aligning with a responsible approach.


The comprehensive statement issued by the last remaining PEPE team member provides insights into the internal dynamics, challenges, and actions taken to address recent events. While the token’s journey has been marked by turbulence, the statement underscores the holder’s commitment to steer PEPE towards decentralization and a resilient future. The community’s watchful eyes will remain on PEPE as it navigates this critical phase, aiming to emerge stronger and more decentralized than ever before.

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