Polygon Ecosystem is moving forward daily, and we hope you guys do not miss any news in the last 7 days. Here is your Polygon Ecosystem Weekly recap.


  • It’s Not a Race: Auditing Polygon zkEVM
  • Polygon Welcomes Africa’s Web3 Social Startup Gamic
  • Community Update
  • Announcing the Hackathon Winners of Polygon Bootcamp Africa
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Weekly active wallets surged to 1.37 Mn (+13%) in the week of Dec. 12 driven by an increase in activity across DeFi dApps — Uniswap V3 (35.2k, +41%), Sushiswap (35.3k, +542%), 1inch (32k, +54%), Klimadao (30.7k, +8,123%), and Zerox (0x) (17.4k, +464%).

NFT Volume is back up after dropping slightly last week, reaching ~$206 Mn. NFT Active wallets continue to grow to 3.9 Mn. Top NFT Collections by Volume are Algebra Positions NFT-V1, Algebra Farming NFT-V2, and Uniswap V3 Positions NFT-V1.

Polygon On-Chain Data Highlights

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 51 - 1

dApps Spotlight

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 51 - 2

NFT Highlights

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 51 - 3

It’s Not a Race: Auditing Polygon zkEVM

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 51 - 4

Last month, Polygon collaborated with the Ethereum Foundation and other teams on a series of discussions about Zero Knowledge. There, a member of the Ethereum Foundation’s Privacy and Scaling Explorations team, described the task of an audit—any audit—as an attempt to verify the strongest explicit and implicit claim made by any given technology.

With that in mind, this audit is meant to verify the claim that Polygon zkEVM can only generate valid state transitions, and that it does so in a Zero Knowledge, non-interactive environment. The auditors of Polygon zkEVM are attempting to verify this claim across two vectors: correctness and soundness.

Polygon Welcomes Africa’s Web3 Social Startup GamicLwt4Kinwatagqdnqh Uuwdlc Q6R168 Vrmpm5Fkqea6Yiz7Vv21Nfmt Jram0Slwu2Szk H01Y57Zoggs6Ybg6Qlozafbcz5Q9Zjgloagwzitlqd9Em 0Nacfxcqnhct5Rpsnz Merabaefqsf71Bz9Aoow8U7Idgmz 80Udwgtzv04Cyeuez4Cwrtnw

Gamic, a Nigeria-based Web3 social communications platform, is coming to the Polygon network to help bring blockchain-powered opportunities to millions in Africa and beyond.

Gamic app is a chat platform that combines a wallet experience with advanced community management tools. The app’s beta version will be released on Dec. 20 and will feature a Web3 gaming toolset offering financial and operational solutions for gamers, guilds, and eSports teams. At launch, new users can participate in a joint Polygon-Gamic NFT airdrop.

Community Update

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 51 - 5

The Polygon network exists today because of the Polygon community. The developers, builders, creators, enthusiasts and fans who are Polygon’s biggest advocates and most helpful supporters have shaped Polygon into what it is today. As the community becomes more self-sustaining, our duty at the Polygon companies is to continuously nurture and develop the most engaged towards decentralization by collectively building, developing, adopting, and sharing best practices across Web3 so that anyone can realize their vision of the future.

Announcing the Hackathon Winners of Polygon Bootcamp Africa

Polygon Weekly Recap Week 51 - 6

Polygon is pleased to announce the hackathon winners of Polygon Bootcamp Africa 2022, launched in partnership with Nigerian startup Xend Finance

Developers in Africa showed up in a big way for Polygon’s first continent-wide bootcamp and hackathon combo: more than 5,400 applications were received from 43 countries for two tracks, Beginner and Master. 

Additional Notable Events

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