Slovenia, one of the smallest countries in EU, has revealed that the biggest shopping center in the country, dubbed as BTC City, is set to turn into a full Bitcoin city. The shopping center will have all stores and ventures accept digital currency and operate through Blockchain technology.

Situated in the country’s capital of Ljubljana, the shopping complex stretches more than 1,558,398 square feet and holds more than 500 retail stores. Recently, Miro Cerar, Slovenia’s outgoing Prime Minister paid the shopping center a visit, where he was treated by State Secretary Tadej Slapnik to a cup of coffee, which was bought using cryptocurrency. Fintech startup Eligma heads the operation surrounding the center’s innovative use case for Bitcoin.

Representatives for BTC City stated:

“The purpose of his visit was to open the Beyond 4.0 international conference, dedicated to digital society and blockchain, and to get acquainted with BTC City’s strategy to become a Bitcoin City.”

Initially opened in 1954, BTC City used to be a warehouse and logistics center. Over time, more warehouses were added unto the complex and by 1990, the establishment has transformed into a commercial shopping arena. At present, BTC City hosts a number of travel and tourism ventures, which include a luxury hotel and casino, a multiplex cinema, a waterpark and the Crystal Palace office park, the home of Slovenia’s tallest building.

BTC City executives expressed hopes that Bitcoin City will pave the way for new businesses to advocate the cryptocurrency industry that could propel it to the mainstream territory and result to more Blockchain developments in the future.

“Bitcoin City will create an open society which will enable users to pursue their missions as well as develop their business environments in line with their wishes, needs and operating policies,” the executives stated.

The Elipay, Eligma’s digital currency transaction system, is currently being installed in many stores. Meanwhile, a number of one-way cryptocurrency ATMs have been strategically positioned in the vicinity. In addition to the ATMs, a crypto mining rig, hailed by Blockchain Think Tank and executives as the largest in Slovenia, has also been placed in the shopping complex.

Bitcoin City Representatives also stated:

“The development of BTC City into a bitcoin city is an important step toward the realization of BTC’s openness-oriented strategy, providing its customers and business partners with both freedom and choices regarding their purchases with new forms of payment.”