Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally, has recently revealed that Open Campus will be the next project to feature on its Launchpad platform. The Launchpad enables users to partake in token sales of upcoming crypto projects. The Open Campus Initial Exchange Offering will commence on April 23 and run until April 28, 2023, with $2.5 million worth of EDU tokens to be shared among participants at an exchange rate of 1 EDU = 0.05 USD.

Tokenizing Education: Open Campus On Binance Launchpad

Empowering Education with Open Campus Protocol

Open Campus is a web3 education protocol that allows communities to create, distribute, and promote valuable educational content. This protocol enables educators to earn revenue from their content creation efforts. With the protocol, educational content can be tokenized into NFTs, meaning that educators can use revenue-sharing strategies coded into the smart contract. Smart contracts will store the generated revenue, and co-owners will be able to withdraw based on their contributions.

This education protocol has three fundamental concepts on which it is built:

  • Firstly, communities can utilize blockchain technology to fund, co-own, and learn from educational content that meets their requirements.
  • Secondly, creators launch their content on the protocol by offering promotional rights through Publisher NFTs, where co-publishers can earn revenue based on their contributions.
  • Thirdly, philanthropists can support educational causes directly and track their donations on-chain through Smart Donations.

Unlocking Opportunities with EDU Token

Tokenizing Education: Open Campus On Binance Launchpad

The EDU token, native to Open Campus, serves various functions such as governance, payment, and on-chain revenue-sharing. Moreover, the token has the potential to encourage and bring aboard fresh users through this protocol affiliates while also facilitating the acquisition of Publisher NFTs.

The protocol has already secured its first adopter, TinyTap, a highly successful kids app among the top 10 highest-grossing kids-focused mobile apps in both Android and iOS ecosystems. TinyTap has over 100 thousand creators and more than nine million families. With this education protocol, educators can earn revenue while creating valuable educational content, while students can learn from high-quality content that meets their needs.

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