The announcement of Worldcoin $WLD Airdrop and token listing really surprised the Crypto market with its silence. Besides token listing, Worldcoin also welcomes the market with a very high diluted valuation, $21B.

So, what is Worldcoin actually?


What is Worldcoin?

Worldcoin is a protocol for developing personal identity products. Worldcoin uses an Orb orb to scan users’ hammocks, then uses a Proof of Personhood mechanism to verify their identity and save data on the blockchain.

World ID under the project will act as a global digital passport, and they can be stored in the user’s phone.

$WLD Airdrop

Users participate in identity verification through “retina scan” with an Orb (eyeball) and receive $WLD tokens as a reward. Each user will receive 3 WLD if the verification is successful.

According to 🪂 Worldcoin (WLD): Airdrop Dashboard, the value of this Airdrop of WLD falls to the threshold of $1M with more than 86K users receiving the Airdrop. 

Worldcoin Technology Revolution Or The Second Dfinity Image 1

$21B Dilution Valuation

Immediately after listing, $WLD traded at $3, then quickly fell and stabilized at $2.15, which gave $WLD a $230M valuation for circulating supply and a diluted valuation of up to $21B.

This has made many people quite skeptical about the real value of this project, and a bit related to the Dfinity $ICP bomb listed in 2021.

In terms of technology ideas alone, I think this is a project that can create a new trend in personal identification, specifically biometric identification.

However, how the market accepts the project is a completely different matter. Therefore, only time will tell whether Worldcoin will be a new technological revolution or a second Dfinity $ICP.