Elon Musk’s latest venture, X (formerly known as Twitter), is evolving into an all-encompassing application with a diverse set of functionalities, including a payment hub integrated into the microblogging social platform. In line with this vision, Musk’s company has taken a significant step by obtaining a crucial license that allows it to engage in cryptocurrency-related activities. Although X has garnered attention for its crypto-friendly stance, uncertainties linger about the extent to which it will delve into the realm of cryptocurrency services.

X (Twitter) Clears Regulatory Hurdles for Crypto Operations

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X (Formerly Twitter Payments LLC licenses. (Source: NMLS Consumer Access)

Elon Musk’s aspiration to transform X into a versatile app encompassing various functions necessitates compliance with legal requirements, especially in the burgeoning field of cryptocurrencies. The company’s concerted efforts to obtain the necessary licenses have predominantly focused on fiat transactions, operating under the “Money Transmitter License.” Notably, a recent development emerged from Rhode Island, where the regulatory authorities approved a license request from Twitter Payments LLC, the payment branch of X. This newly acquired “Currency Transmitter” license encompasses a broad spectrum of crypto-related services, encompassing crypto exchanges, wallets, and payment processors.
Nonetheless, there remains uncertainty about Elon Musk’s inclination to permit X to offer cryptocurrency-related services as Elon Musk stated on X before in the post below.

The significance of this license is underscored by its authorization for X to securely store, transfer, and facilitate the exchange of digital assets on behalf of its users. This regulatory milestone paves the way for X to consolidate its position in the cryptocurrency space.

Ambiguous Future for Cryptocurrency Services on X

X (Former Twitter)
Source: BBC

While X’s recent achievement hints at its potential to offer cryptocurrency services, uncertainties persist about Elon Musk’s definitive stance on the matter. The tech mogul has unequivocally stated that X will refrain from launching its own crypto token, a decision likely influenced by the prevalence of misleading token promotions exploiting the app’s name. Nevertheless, whether X will actively provide a range of cryptocurrency-related services remains uncertain. This enigma leaves room for speculation on the extent to which X will leverage its newfound license and integrate cryptocurrencies into its multifaceted platform.


In a notable stride toward becoming a comprehensive application with cryptocurrency capabilities, X, spearheaded by Elon Musk, has successfully acquired a pivotal license permitting it to engage in crypto-related activities. This achievement signifies Rhode Island’s recognition of X’s commitment to navigating the evolving financial landscape. While Elon Musk’s aversion to launching a proprietary crypto token is resolute, the potential for X to provide an array of cryptocurrency services lingers as an intriguing prospect. As X evolves into its new identity, its role in the world of cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly be closely watched by both its user base and the broader tech community.

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