In the fast-paced cryptocurrency world, having a reliable source of information on recent happenings, trends, and insights is important. A social media platform like Twitter comes in handy for delivering such information. But, with the influx of pseudo accounts and fake profiles, which are the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow for accurate and insightful information? Find out here.

Best Crypto Twitter Accounts

15. Ty Daniel Smith: Best Page For Crypropreneurs

Ty Smith

Followers: 22,400

Ty Daniel Smith’s page is one of the most insightful crypto Twitter pages, especially for cryptopreneurs. Because of his background as the founder of the web3 marketing agency Coinbound, Ty Smith has a unique perspective to offer investors who want to start a crypto-related business. 

Through Coinbound, Ty Smith has helped major crypto platforms like MetaMask, eToro, and Cosmos grow their digital presence significantly. As such, his page is a go-to option for insights on crypto investment ideas, NFTs, and overall updates about the cryptocurrency space. Smith is also a crypto podcast personality and hosts a popular crypto podcast known as the Crypto Marketing Podcast.

14. Mason Nystrom: Best For Crypto Market Intelligence

Mason Nystrom

Followers: 33,000

Mason Nystrom is a leading research analyst and popular crypto influencer at the crypto intelligence firm Messari. Messari is a reputable firm that analyzes crypto markets and gives intelligence on the same. 

For this reason, Nystrom’s Twitter page is a one-stop shop for accurate technical analysis, predictions, and industry insights. He takes time to back his posts with verifiable research, and his insights take into account the history of cryptocurrencies and the factors surrounding them. From crypto and DeFi markets to Web3, Mason Nystrom offers distilled crypto wisdom on his page.

13. Girl Gone Crypto: Best For Fun Crypto Updates

Girl Gone Crypto

Followers: 222,000

Crypto is a complex subject that may sound boring to read about. But with a Twitter page like Girl Gone Crypto, you will enjoy reading through a ton of crypto-related information. Girl Gone Crypto’s Twitter page delivers crypto news and updates in a fun, easy-to-understand way. 

The account isn’t exactly educational, but it has a crafty way of wrapping up industry trends, updates, and conversations in a ton of humor, making it a very engaging page. However, occasionally, you will also find educational commentaries surrounding certain happenings in the crypto world.

12. Ivan on Tech: Best For Insightful Conversations About Crypto

Ivan On Tech

Followers: 396,000

Ivan Liljeqvist, the CEO and co-founder of Monalis Web3, has one of the leading crypto Twitter pages. Ivan on Tech simplifies some of the most essential yet technical conversations about cryptocurrencies. Ivan’s page uses questions to spark conversations about important happenings in the crypto world. Reading through the comments on this page can help anyone, from crypto gurus to beginner enthusiasts, understand what is happening in the crypto industry and why it is happening. 

Ivan on Tech also has a crypto YouTube channel, where he mostly interviews experts from various crypto-based organizations to get their views on the state of the industry. From games like Axie Infinity to high-ranking NFTs like Cyber Kongz and even tokens like Bitcoin, Ivan explores crypto-related conversations in the most interesting ways possible.

11. Altcoin Gordon: Best For Knowledge in Altcoins

Altcoin Gordon

Followers: 409,000

For information on all things altcoins, Altcoin Gordon’s Twitter page should be your first stop. Altcoin Gordon has been an investor since 2017, and his reputation for being so successful in the venture makes his page a wonderful resource. 

On his Twitter account, Altcoin Gordon gives tips and tricks on how to spot lucrative altcoins and how to invest in them for impressive profits. The page also links to Crypto Crib, formerly Altcoin Hub, a fast-moving cryptocurrency news outlet. This makes it a good account for cryptocurrency news updates on the go.

10. Erik Voorhees: Best For Crypto Investment Advice

Erik Voorhees

Followers: 657,000

Another must-follow crypto Twitter page belongs to Erik Voorhees. Erik is one of the earliest adopters and investors in cryptocurrencies, which has given him a wealth of knowledge on the subject. He regularly has informative posts on crypto project launches and cryptocurrency news.

Cryptopreneurs are likely to benefit the most from Erik’s page. 

Erik is also the CEO of the open-source platform, Shapeshift, which allows users to trade crypto. This places him in a unique position to offer crypto traders solid investment advice.

9. Andreas Antonopoulos: Best For Blockchain Knowledge and Workshops


Followers: 755,000

Bitcoin and open blockchain expert Andreas Antonopoulos has one of the best pages to follow on Twitter for all things cryptocurrency. Andreas is a crypto enthusiast with volumes of knowledge in Ethereum and Bitcoin currencies. He has published six books, advising crypto enthusiasts on how best to master and make money from Ethereum, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology.

As such, his Twitter feed is a gold mine of insight for many crypto enthusiasts. On it, you will find information on crucial blockchain concepts like self-custody and verification. You’ll also find links to free workshops where you can learn about decentralized finance and more in-depth concepts about digital currencies and blockchain systems.

8. Bitcoin Archive: Best For Legitimate Information on Bitcoin

Bitcoin Archive

Followers: 1.1 million

The Bitcoin Archive Twitter page is one of the best news sources to follow if you want to stay up to date with the latest information on Bitcoin. The page posts daily insights on what is happening to bitcoin, market insights, and other bitcoin-related news. Additionally, its content reflects accurate commentary for individuals who enjoy exploring the cryptocurrency industry in more detail.

This page’s value also comes from the credibility of the information it supplies. Unlike many other crypto Twitter pages, Bitcoin Archive has its content curated by a team. This allows the page’s insights to be well-researched and crafted. Despite the team content, the page is only associated with a single user named Archie.

7. The Moon Carl: Best For Crypto Startup Owners

The Moon Carl

Followers: 1.2 million

The Moon Carl is a Twitter page that focuses on crypto insights for crypto startup investors. The page’s owner, Carl Runefelt, started as a greengrocer in Sweden and earned his fortune by investing in cryptocurrencies. Carl, who has made it onto Forbes’ top 30 under 30 list, has an eye for blossoming crypto assets and has recently expanded his portfolio to include investing in crypto startups.

He has investments in at least 400 crypto startups, making him one of the most respected sources of advice for individuals who intend to launch crypto-based companies. The Moon Carl page shares investment advice and crypto news. It also links to an educational YouTube channel where Carl offers crypto education.

6. Anthony Pompliano: Best For Crypto News Summaries


Followers: 1.6 million

Anthony Pompliano is a crypto icon whose page offers valuable crypto news summaries. Using his social media marketing background, Anthony delivers weekly summaries of the most important happenings in the crypto space.

These weekly summaries delve into various topics, making the account very resourceful for individuals seeking to understand crypto wholesomely. Besides that, Anthony’s page runs memes and general life stories that both seasoned crypto investors and beginners can relate to.

5. Open Sea: Best For Insights on NFTs


Followers: 1.9 million

OpenSea is a third-party marketplace for digital assets like NFTs. The OpenSea team also runs a Twitter page to help potential investors understand what the platform offers and what is trending in the industry. 

This page is a must-follow for any investor setting their eyes on digital asset investments. It gives insights into soon-to-come NFTs, their launch dates, and information on performance and promotions for existing NFTs.

4. Whale Alert: Best For Notifications on Significant Whale Transactions

Whale Alert

Followers: 2.2 million

In the crypto space, large-scale investors are called whales. Whales own enough cryptocurrencies to cause a significant shift in crypto markets based on their trading decisions. When whales make certain transactions, it often indicates that something big is about to happen to the crypto market. 

Twitter pages like Whale Alert exist to keep the crypto community informed about these shifts. This page sends notifications when a crypto whale makes a significant transaction. With such updates, other investors can keep tabs and identify the best investment moves to align with the impending market movements.

3. ByBit: Best For Constant Crypto Updates

Followers: 2.5 million

For a crypto trader who needs round-the-clock cryptocurrency updates, ByBit’s Twitter page is the place to be. This page is known for the consistency of its posts several times a day. The posts range from the latest crypto news to crypto projects and insightful topics on digital currency. 

The ByBit Twitter page also helps identify exclusive crypto giveaways that will launch soon and how to get them. Put simply, the page is a comprehensive guide to all things cryptocurrency.

2. Vitalik Buterin: Best For Technical Crypto Content

Followers: 4.7 million

Vitalik Buterin’s page is one of the crypto-related Twitter accounts you must pay attention to if you want to understand the technicalities that come with cryptocurrencies. As the founder of the Ethereum network and publisher of multiple papers on concepts surrounding digital currencies, Vitalik has deep insight into the technical aspects you need to understand to engineer blockchain technologies.

On his page, you will find attachments to in-depth articles on multiple crypto concepts. Additionally, you will get profitable information about crypto investing and a general understanding of what you need to know to thrive in crypto trading.

1. Changpeng Zhao: Best For Advice on Financial Freedom

Followers: 8.2 million

Changpeng Zhao, popularly known as CZ, runs one of crypto’s most famous Twitter accounts. With a following of over eight million, the CZ account is one of the most influential Twitter accounts with a crypto theme. 

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, is a renowned proponent of cryptocurrencies. He strives to educate people on the opportunities that come with digital currencies and encourage as much investment in them as possible. CZ’s page contains economic commentaries and advice on becoming financially free through cryptocurrencies.


Why should I follow Crypto Influencers on Twitter?

Following crypto influencers on Twitter is a great way to get quick, synthesized, and up-to-date information on cryptocurrencies. However, only some influencers are worth following. Strive to follow only legitimate sources to avoid misinformation.

Which are the best crypto Twitter Accounts to follow for Beginners?

As a beginner, you want to follow crypto Twitter pages that explain crypto content in a simplified and fun way. Accounts like Girl Gone Crypto, Ivan on Tech, Andreas Antonopoulos, and ByBit are good places to start.

How Do I tell a legitimate crypto-related Twitter account from a false one?

The first step to determining the legitimacy of a crypto Twitter account is to look at its following. Legitimate accounts have a very high following and sometimes even a verification badge. 

Besides that, you can read through the comments on some of the posts on the page. If most people disagree with or criticize the page owner’s views and insights, this indicates they are probably inaccurate and, therefore, not as legitimate.

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