A Bybit vs Binance showdown is only fair in the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading as these are some of the most regarded crypto exchanges in the industry.

This comparison aims to guide you through the unique features, strengths, and considerations of each, assisting you in making an informed choice tailored to your trading preferences and goals. 

Let’s explore the dynamics of Bybit and Binance to determine which exchange aligns best with your crypto trading needs in the year 2024. 

Plus you’ll find helpful tips for choosing the best crypto exchange for your investment goals as well as a how-to guide for creating accounts with Bybit and Binance.

Key takeaways

  • According to CoinMarketCap, Binance is ranked the top crypto exchange with an over $13 billion trading volume in 24 hours, while Bybit takes the fifth position with a trading volume of over $5 billion.
  • Binance and Bybit have VIP programs with extra perks for members and extra resources plus exclusive published material.
  • Both Binance and Bybit prioritize the security of your funds ensuring a trusted trading environment.

Bybit vs Binance Overview

Bybit Binance
HeadquartersDubai, United Arab EmiratesCayman Islands
Best forBeginnersHigh-volume traders such as institutions
Trading FeesMaker: 0.1%Taker: 0.1%Spot: 0.1% for both maker-takerFutures: 0.02%-0.04% maker-taker
Bybit vs Binance Trading VolumeOver $2.2 Billion Over $13.4 Billion
Number of supported crypto coinsOver 500Over 400
Mobile device App Available (both iOS and Android)Available (both iOS and Android)
Copy Trading AvailableAvailable
Deposit feesNoNo
Payment MethodsCredit Card and CryptoBank transfer, Wire, Debit Card, and Crypto
Maximum Leverage100xUp to 125x 
(20x for new users)

Bybit Overview

Bybit Homepage

Bybit is a platform designed for trading crypto derivatives. It was launched by Ben Zhou, a former forex broker, in March 2018. 

The company’s headquarters are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

On Bybit, you can trade contracts and futures based on cryptocurrency prices. Bybit also offers spot trading, allowing you to buy and sell crypto at the current market price.

If you’re looking to maximize potential gains, Bybit provides futures contracts with leverage options of up to 100x, enabling you to borrow funds and trade with larger positions.

Along with its impressive array of crypto assets, Bybit deserves recognition for its leveraged token products and commitment to early token listings. 

By offering leveraged token products, Bybit provides you with unique opportunities to amplify your positions and potentially enhance your returns. 

Furthermore, Bybit’s dedication to listing new tokens ahead of many other exchanges allows you to gain early access to exciting and promising projects.

That’s not all…. 

Bybit Exchange provides additional services related to the world of crypto. You can explore and participate in new projects, earn rewards, and even create and collect Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). 

Moreover, Bybit offers a Web3 DeFi wallet, allowing you to connect with decentralized applications with ease.

According to CoinMarketCap, Bybit boasts an impressive trading volume of over $1.9 billion in 24 hours, placing it in the fifth position among all spot exchanges. 

With a liquidity score of 644, Bybit ensures a high level of market depth and stability.

Bybit accounts currently include up to $30,000 in deposit rewards if you sign up using the code BYBITVSBNB so sign up today for this exclusive reward.

Bybit Referral Program

User Score


High-Security Measures

Earn Upto $30,000 Deposit Rewards

-10% Futures Trading Fees

Binance Overview

Binance Homepage

Binance homepage/ registration page 

Binance, the world’s largest and most popular crypto exchange platform, was founded by the skilled developer Changpeng Zhao

Initially headquartered in China, the company later moved its base to the Cayman Islands in Seychelles due to increasing government pressure regarding crypto regulations.

And, in just one year after its inception, Binance skyrocketed to a remarkable market capitalization of $1.3 billion

Its popularity and revenue continued to surge, reaching an all-time high valuation of $90 billion in 2021.

Even today, Binance remains a dominant force in the crypto exchange realm, facilitating transactions worth over $13 billion every 24 hours across its extensive selection of crypto coins.

One of the key factors contributing to Binance’s overwhelming popularity is its wide accessibility. 

While it operates in almost every country except Japan, China, Malaysia, and the U.K., it provides a subsidiary called Binance.us exclusively for U.S.-based traders, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Binance can also be accessed through various platforms, making it convenient for traders. 

Users can utilize the Binance desktop app on Mac, Windows, or Linux devices, as well as the Android and iOS applications available on their respective app stores.

Overall, Binance’s user-friendly interface, global accessibility, and extensive coin offerings have solidified its position as the go-to crypto exchange platform for traders worldwide.

Binance is currently offering a 100 USDT trading fee rebate upon sign-up plus -10% trading fees, with the code DGO3UIDP. Sign up and begin your discounted trading today.

Binance Exchange

User Score



-10% Trading Fees

Bybit Vs Binance Rankings

CoinMarketCap: Bybit vs Binance standings

Bybyit vs Binance: Pros & Cons

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of these two prominent exchanges:

Bybit pros 

  1. Bybit vs Binance Leverage Trading: Bybit allows you to leverage your positions with high-leverage options, reaching up to 100x. This can potentially increase your profits if used wisely and strategically.
  1. Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies: Bybit goes beyond just Bitcoin and Ethereum, providing you with access to over 860 cryptocurrency pairs. This extensive selection includes not only popular coins but also a variety of altcoins and even lesser-known crypto coins, giving you more options to explore.
  1. High-Security Measures: Bybit prioritizes the security of your funds by implementing strict measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and cold storage for cryptocurrencies. These safeguards enhance the safety and protection of your assets.
  1. Advanced Trading Features: These include limit and market orders, as well as stop-loss and take-profit orders, empowering you to execute your trading strategies effectively. Additionally, the platform provides various trading indicators to assist you in making informed decisions.

Bybit cons

  1. Does not support direct bank withdrawals: Bybit operates as a crypto-to-crypto exchange, which means that it does not facilitate direct fiat-to-bank withdrawals. If you wish to withdraw your funds in fiat currency, you will need to transfer your cryptocurrencies to another platform that supports fiat withdrawals, such as Binance or Kraken.

Binance pros

  1. Extensive range of crypto coins and trading pairs: Binance not only offers popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum but also a wide variety of altcoins and emerging digital assets. Binance is home to an impressive range of trading options. With over 400 cryptocurrencies available, you have a vast selection to choose from. Not only that, but Binance also supports 11 fiat currencies, making it easier for users to trade with their preferred currency. 
  2. Educational material and other learning tools: By providing educational resources, Binance Academy empowers users to make informed decisions and navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies confidently. It plays a vital role in fostering awareness, understanding, and adoption of blockchain technology, ultimately contributing to the growth and development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.
  3. Relatively lower fee structure: Binance offers traders the advantage of affordable trading fees, making it a cost-effective platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. With competitive fee structures, you can keep your transaction costs low, allowing for more flexibility and potential profitability in trading activities. Additionally, Binance occasionally provides fee discounts and promotional offers to further enhance the trading experience for its users.
  4. Reliable security measures: Binance prioritizes your safety with 2-factor Authentication (2FA) and strict KYC procedures. Additionally, they offer F.D.I.C. insurance for U.S. dollar balances, ensuring you’re protected in the event of a hack and compensated for any losses.
Bybit Academy

Binance Academy: Beginner’s program

Binance cons

  1. Limited customer support: Binance acknowledges the importance of providing excellent customer support and strives to continuously improve the quality of assistance offered to you. However, it is essential to note that there may be instances where you may experience delays or challenges in receiving timely support due to high demand or unforeseen circumstances.

Bybit vs Binance: Features

Here, we’ll take you through the features of both exchanges and what to look out for depending on your trading needs. Let’s begin:

Bybit Features

Discover the key features that set Bybit apart in the competitive cryptocurrency exchange arena. From advanced trading tools to user-friendly interfaces, let’s explore the distinctive offerings that make Bybit a noteworthy platform for you in 2024. 

These features include:

  1. Unified Trading Account: Bybit allows you to trade spots, derivatives, and options from a single account, enabling seamless switching between different products and markets.
  2. Trading Bot: Bybit offers a trading bot that automates buy and sell orders based on preset trading strategies. You can customize parameters and indicators to execute trades automatically.
  3. Options Trading: Bybit provides USDC options, which are margined and settled in USDC. These European-style cash-settled options can only be exercised upon contract expiration.
  4. Bybit vs Binance Leverage Trading: Traders on Bybit can take advantage of high leverage of up to 100x on perpetual contracts. This allows you to amplify potential profits with a relatively small amount of capital.
  5. Safe Trading Platform: Bybit prioritizes the security of your funds. It employs measures such as cold storage, multi-signature wallets, two-factor authentication (2FA), proof of reserves, and insurance funds to safeguard user assets.
  6. Crypto Loans: Bybit offers flexible loan durations ranging from 7 to 180 days, with competitive interest rates. You can repay borrowed coins at any time within their chosen loan term.
  7. Rapid Trade Execution: Bybit’s robust matching engine can handle up to 100,000 transactions per second, ensuring quick and reliable order execution with minimal slippage and delay.
  8. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Bybit NFT Marketplace is a platform where you can participate in buying, selling, and trading NFTs from various blockchains, expanding your engagement with the growing NFT ecosystem.

Through these diverse features, Bybit aims to empower you with a comprehensive and secure trading experience, catering to your individual preferences and strategies.

Binance Features

Explore the wide range of features that solidify Binance’s position as a prominent player in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. 

With an extensive offering of supported cryptocurrencies and cutting-edge trading options, delve into the unique attributes that make Binance an amazing choice for you in 2024. 

These features include:

  1. Futures Trading: You can take advantage of a maximum leverage of 125x, allowing them to amplify their trading positions. The platform also offers competitive trading fees, with a rate of 0.02% for makers and 0.04% for takers. When it comes to order types, Binance Futures provides four options: limit, market, stop, and trailing stop. These diverse order types give you the flexibility to execute trades based on their preferred strategies and market conditions.
  2. P2P Trading: Binance offers the convenience of buying or selling cryptocurrencies directly from other users, eliminating the need for intermediaries. The platform facilitates P2P trading with zero fees, ensuring that you have a cost-effective experience. Multiple payment methods, including Gpay, Apple Pay, credit and debit cards, and PayPal, are supported on the platform, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  3. Margin Trading: Margin trading involves borrowing funds to increase your buying power in the market. With up to 10x leverage, you can maximize your trading positions. To assist you in making informed decisions, Binance provides a margin calculator that enables you to estimate potential profits or losses based on your trading strategies and positions.
  4. Over-the-counter (OTC) Trading: This feature caters to the needs of institutional or high-net-worth traders who deal with substantial amounts of cryptocurrencies while minimizing market impact. And, this will provide you with various payment methods for added convenience. You can use different order types, including “request for quote (RFQ)” and “block trades,” to execute your transactions effectively.
  5. Loan: Binance offers two types of loans, crypto loans and NFT loans. Crypto loans enable you to borrow and lend various cryptocurrencies at competitive rates, with flexible terms and minimal fees. On the other hand, NFT loans allow individuals to utilize their non-fungible tokens as collateral to obtain cryptocurrency, providing fast liquidity without any gas fees. Both loan options provide convenient solutions when you’re looking to leverage your assets in the crypto space.
  6. NFTs Marketplace: If you’re passionate about NFTs, Binance NFT Marketplace is a must-visit destination, thanks to its low fees. It stands as an exceptional platform for artists to buy, sell, and even create NFTs, backed by Binance’s robust technology and the BNB chain network. Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn income by staking and lending your NFTs on the platform. Explore a diverse range of NFTs, including unique creations like Bitcoin Ordinals, which showcase art inspired by the history and innovation of Bitcoin.
  7. Automated trading bots: Binance offers a variety of trading bots, including spot grid, futures grid, rebalancing, DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging), and auto-invest bots. These bots cater to different trading needs and strategies. Moreover, Binance provides educational resources to help you learn about various trading strategies and how to effectively use them with trading bots.
  8. Security Features: Binance prioritizes the security of its platform and users through multiple measures. These include threshold signature schemes for multi-sig accounts, email alerts for suspicious activity, and the use of biometrics and security keys for two-factor authentication.
Binance Trading Bots

Binance Trading Bots

Bybit vs Binance: Fees

In this comparison, we’ll explore the Bybit vs Binance trading fees and structures to help you make informed decisions about your trading activities. 

When it comes to futures trading fees, Bybit and Binance offer competitive fee structures that vary based on factors such as trading volume, maker or taker status, and specific contract types.

Bybit Fees

Bybit implements various fees for its products and services, including trading fees, deposit and withdrawal fees, funding rates, and more. 

Trading fees on Bybit differ for makers and takers in spot trading, derivatives trading, and options trading. Users with high trading volumes can enjoy fee reductions. 

Bybit does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees for cryptocurrencies, although network fees may apply when transferring funds externally. 

For fiat trading, Bybit imposes no fees, but you may incur fees from third-party payment providers or banks. Spot fees, interest on borrowed funds, and liquidation fees are additional costs associated with the platform. 

The spot fee is 0.1% of the trade value, while interest is calculated hourly, and liquidation fees are variable and calculated in real time.

Overall, Bybit strives to provide transparent fee structures and offers opportunities for users to reduce fees based on their trading volumes. 

Users need to familiarize themselves with the specific fee details for each product and service offered by Bybit to make informed decisions when engaging in trading activities on the platform.

Bybit accounts currently include up to $30,000 in deposit rewards if you sign up using the code BYBITVSBNB so sign up today for this exclusive reward.

Bybit Referral Program

User Score


High-Security Measures

Earn Upto $30,000 Deposit Rewards

-10% Futures Trading Fees

Binance Fees

Binance offers a fee-free deposit service for all amounts of funds. However, when transferring funds from other exchanges to Binance, transaction charges may apply based on the respective platforms’ terms. 

Withdrawal fees on Binance can fluctuate based on network congestion and market factors, but the changes are generally minimal. Binance provides the current withdrawal fee on each withdrawal page for transparency.

If you’re a regular user with a 30-day transaction volume below $1 million, trading fees range from 0.10% for makers to 0.01% for takers

Binance implements a tier system for you with higher transaction volumes, with nine tiers based on increasing volume. The lowest tier, tier 1, incurs a 0.09% makers’ fee and a 0.01% takers’ fee, while the highest tier, tier 9, has a 0.02% makers’ fee and a 0.04% takers’ fee. 

Binance also offers trading fee discounts for specific coins and trading pairs, so it’s beneficial to stay informed about these opportunities.

Bybit Futures Fees vs Binance

Bybit and Binance, both renowned cryptocurrency exchanges, employ different fee structures for their futures trading services. 

Bybit charges a maker fee of 0.025% and a taker fee of 0.075%, while Binance offers a maker fee of 0.020% and a taker fee of 0.040%. 

It’s important to compare and consider these fees alongside other factors like platform features and liquidity when choosing the right exchange for your futures trading needs.

Bybit vs Binance: Security Review

When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, security is of paramount importance. In this section, we will compare the trader and platform security features of Bybit and Binance, two popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, to help you make an informed decision regarding the safety of your assets.

Bybit security review

Bybit is a legitimate platform that upholds high standards of trust, integrity, and security. It is not involved in any fraudulent activities. 

Bybit prioritizes the safety of its users and implements various security features to ensure a secure trading environment. 

These measures include human-computer authentication, two-factor authentication, hardware authentication, encrypted data transmission, device management, security notifications, and account activity alerts.

Bybit employs a multi-faceted approach to security, utilizing industry-leading solutions such as multi-signature, TEE, TSS, and address whitelisting. 

User funds are securely stored offline in cold wallets, protected from online threats. Regular Proof of Reserves audits are conducted to maintain transparency, and Bybit has an insurance fund in place.

Data protection is of utmost importance to Bybit. User data is encrypted both when stored and when transmitted, with desensitized query interfaces. 

Strict authorization controls are in place to ensure that only users have access to their personal and private information.

That’s not all….

Bybit continuously monitors user behavior in real time through robust risk controls. If any suspicious activity is detected, additional authentication measures are required for withdrawals.

Security is deeply ingrained in Bybit’s system design. The platform follows a security-first approach, incorporating a secure development life cycle, rigorous security testing, and ongoing bug bounty programs. 

Bybit actively collaborates with security researchers to conduct stress tests and address any reported security issues.

Rest assured, Bybit is committed to providing a safe and secure trading experience for its users, ensuring the protection of their assets and personal information.

Binance Security Review

The safety of Binance is often a concern for traders, and the answer is affirmative. Binance prioritizes security and incorporates robust measures to safeguard user accounts. 

The platform implements 2-Factor Authentication, which adds an extra layer of protection for users. 

Additionally, Binance strictly follows a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure to ensure the legitimacy of its users and minimize the risk of fraudulent activities. 

To further enhance user protection, Binance provides F.D.I.C. insurance for all U.S. dollar balances, guaranteeing compensation for funds in the event of a security breach or hack. Rest assured, Binance is committed to maintaining a secure environment for its users.

Bybit vs Binance: Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Navigate the intricacies of managing your funds on cryptocurrency exchanges by examining the withdrawal and deposit methods offered by Bybit and Binance in 2024. 

This comparison will shed light on the diverse options, processing times, and any associated fees, helping you make informed decisions about handling your assets on these top exchange platforms.

Bybit Payment Methods

Bybit provides you with a variety of payment methods for depositing cryptocurrencies on the platform, including credit/debit cards, Google Pay, SEPA, bank cards, Paysera, and Apple Pay. 

However, the availability of these payment methods may vary depending on your location due to regulatory restrictions.

When it comes to depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies on Bybit, you have two options: sending from another wallet or purchasing with fiat money. 

It’s important to note that direct bank transfer withdrawals are not available on Bybit, and you’re required to use third-party payment providers such as Banxa, Simplex, or MoonPay.

What’s more….

Bybit processes withdrawals instantly, but it may take up to one hour due to network congestion. While there is no fee for withdrawals, you’ll be responsible for paying the mining fee associated with each coin. 

Additionally, there is a minimum withdrawal amount for each coin, and for certain coins that require a withdrawal memo/tag, it is crucial to enter it correctly to avoid any potential loss of funds.

For peer-to-peer (P2P) trading on Bybit, there are over 80 different payment methods available, including debit and credit cards, GPay, UPI, cash payments in person, and more. 

You can use your fiat money to buy or sell USDT, and Bybit currently accepts nine different fiat currencies for P2P trading, such as INR, VND, AUD, HKD, MYR, PHP, RUB, TWD, and UAH.

Bybit accounts currently include up to $30,000 in deposit rewards if you sign up using the code BYBITVSBNB so sign up today for this exclusive reward.

Bybit Referral Program

User Score


High-Security Measures

Earn Upto $30,000 Deposit Rewards

-10% Futures Trading Fees

Binance payment methods

Binance offers a wide range of deposit methods to cater to the diverse needs of its users. These include credit and debit cards, with Visa cards being accepted for payments. 

Binance’s P2P platform is particularly noteworthy, supporting over 700 payment methods, including popular options like Visa and Mastercard, in-person cash payments, bank transfers, SEPA, SWIFT, Sofort, and iDEAL.

You can also deposit fiat currencies directly into your Binance accounts using various methods tailored to specific regions, such as SEPA, SWIFT, and local payment methods. 

However, it’s important to note that Binance does not support Gibraltar or Overseas France for SEPA, and bank transfers through SWIFT are generally not supported. 

Binance also provides access to third-party providers like Banxa and Simplex, further expanding the payment options available to users. 

In terms of payment options, Binance stands out with its broad range of choices, offering a more extensive selection compared to other platforms.

Bybit vs Binance: Customer Service Review

Customer support plays a pivotal role in cryptocurrency exchanges, serving as a crucial lifeline when you’re navigating the complexities of trading and managing digital assets. 

In an industry marked by volatility and technical details, responsive and effective customer support is paramount, ensuring swift resolution of issues, addressing inquiries, and fostering trust among users.

Bybit customer support options

Bybit understands the importance of providing excellent customer support to its users. They offer 24/7 live chat support, ensuring that you can contact the customer support team anytime and from anywhere. 

This accessibility and convenience can be particularly helpful for users who require immediate assistance or prompt feedback. 

Additionally, users can reach out to Bybit’s customer support team through email at “support@bybit.com“.

And, in addition to its customer support services, Bybit also prioritizes user education. They provide a wealth of educational resources, including articles, videos, quizzes, and more, covering various topics related to cryptocurrencies and trading. 

These resources aim to empower users with knowledge and insights to make informed decisions in the crypto market.

Binance customer support options

You have the option to seek assistance by filling out forms on the Binance official website and submitting them as tickets

Alternatively, you can use the chat box on the website to engage with customer support or tweet your queries on Binance’s X (formerly Twitter) account.

However, it’s important to note that despite the various methods available for contacting Binance customer support, the exchange’s customer service may not be very impressive.

This is primarily due to the large number of clients they support, which can make it challenging to respond to queries on time or provide thorough assistance. 

Bybit vs Binance: VIP Program

Now, let’s see what these platforms’ VIP programs have in store for their users.

Bybit VIP program

The Bybit VIP program offers exclusive benefits and rewards to its users based on their trading volume or equity.

It’s important to note that there are different VIP tiers, each with its requirements and perks.

Here is a breakdown of the VIP tiers and their corresponding benefits:

KYC1 Supreme VIP

  • Equity: ≥ 500,000,000 USD and with API Trading Volume of 20% or less
  • Taker Fee: 0.0300%
  • Maker Fee: 0.0000%
  • Daily withdrawal Limits: 12,000,000 USDT
  • Additional VIP-only perks include lower fees, industry insight reports, priority access to customer support, invitations to offline events, access to exclusive campaigns, welcome and birthday gifts, and dedicated VIP ambassadors.


  • Equity: ≥ 2,000,000 USD
  • Trading Volume: ≥ 250,000,000 USD and with API Trading Volume of 20% or less
  • Taker Fee: 0.0320%
  • Maker Fee: 0.0100%
  • Daily withdrawal Limits: 10,000,000 USDT


  • Equity: ≥ 1,000,000 USD
  • Trading Volume: ≥ 100,000,000 USD and with API Trading Volume of 20% or less
  • Taker Fee: 0.0320%
  • Maker Fee: 0.0120%
  • Daily withdrawal Limits: 8,000,000 USDT


  • Equity: ≥ 500,000 USD
  • Trading Volume: ≥ 50,000,000 USD
  • Taker Fee: 0.0350%
  • Maker Fee: 0.0140%
  • Daily withdrawal Limits: 6,000,000 USDT


  • Equity: ≥ 250,000 USD
  • Trading Volume: ≥ 25,000,000 USD
  • Taker Fee: 0.0375%
  • Maker Fee: 0.0160%
  • Daily withdrawal Limits: 6,000,000 USDT


  • Equity: ≥ 100,000 USD
  • Trading Volume: ≥ 10,000,000 USD
  • Taker Fee: 0.0400%
  • Maker Fee: 0.0180%
  • Daily withdrawal Limits: 6,000,000 USDT


  • Equity: ≥ 0 USD
  • Trading Volume: ≥ 0 USD
  • Taker Fee: 0.0550%
  • Maker Fee: 0.0200%
  • Daily withdrawal Limits: 1,000,000 USDT

In addition to lower fees and interest rates, Bybit VIP members enjoy industry insight reports, priority access to customer support, invitations to offline events, access to exclusive campaigns, welcome and birthday gifts, and dedicated VIP ambassadors. 

Bybit also offers a VIP+2 upgrade and maker fee rebates for qualified traders.

To apply for the VIP program or upgrade to VIP+2 status, you can fill out the application form and provide your trading volume information for the last 30 days. 

The Bybit VIP team will review the application and reach out to qualified traders.

Please note that the specific benefits and requirements may be subject to change, so it’s always best to refer to the official Bybit website for the most up-to-date information on the VIP program.

Bybit Vip

Bybit VIP program application page

Binance VIP Program

The Binance Trader Program rewards VIP levels based on your accumulated 30-day Spot or Futures trading volume. 

You can easily track your trading volume statistics in the “My VIP Fees” section. 

Here are the VIP levels along with their corresponding requirements:


  • 30-Day Trade Volume: ≥ 1,000,000 USD
  • And/Or BNB Balance: ≥ 25 BNB


  • 30-Day Trade Volume: ≥ 5,000,000 USD
  • And/Or BNB Balance: ≥ 100 BNB


  • 30-Day Trade Volume: ≥ 20,000,000 USD
  • And/Or BNB Balance: ≥ 250 BNB


  • 30-Day Trade Volume: ≥ 100,000,000 USD
  • And/Or BNB Balance: ≥ 500 BNB


  • 30-Day Trade Volume: ≥ 150,000,000 USD
  • And/Or BNB Balance: ≥ 1,000 BNB


  • 30-Day Trade Volume: ≥ 400,000,000 USD
  • And/Or BNB Balance: ≥ 1,750 BNB


  • 30-Day Trade Volume: ≥ 800,000,000 USD
  • And/Or BNB Balance: ≥ 3,000 BNB


  • 30-Day Trade Volume: ≥ 2,000,000,000 USD
  • And/Or BNB Balance: ≥ 4,500 BNB


  • 30-Day Trade Volume: ≥ 4,000,000,000 USD
  • And/Or BNB Balance: ≥ 5,500 BNB
Bybit Vip Program

Program fee structure from VIP 1 to VIP 7

As a Binance VIP, you gain access to a range of exclusive resources and benefits, including:

  • Newsletter: Stay updated with the latest product and market updates, promotions, and activities.
  • Handbook: Get access to the comprehensive VIP & Institution handbook, providing you with all the necessary information for onboarding and starting your trading journey.
  • Product Brochure: Explore the various institutional offerings available on Binance, including VIP Loan, OTC trading, Custody, and more.

Join the exclusive Binance VIP program today and experience the benefits of trading with a trusted industry leader.

Conclusion: Bybit vs Binance, Which Is Better?

Is Bybit better than Binance? In summary, both Bybit and Binance offer unique features and benefits for crypto traders and investors. 

Bybit is known for its advanced trading platform, intuitive user interface, and focus on derivatives trading. On the other hand, Binance stands out with its extensive range of cryptocurrencies, strong liquidity, and competitive fees.

Bybit Referral Program

User Score


High-Security Measures

Earn Upto $30,000 Deposit Rewards

-10% Futures Trading Fees

Ultimately, the choice between Bybit and Binance depends on your personal preferences and crypto investment goals. 

If you are an experienced trader looking for advanced trading tools and leverage options, Bybit might be the better fit for you. 

On the other hand, if you value a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, a robust trading ecosystem, and access to exclusive Binance Academy, Binance could be the ideal choice. 

Both platforms have their strengths and cater to different trading styles. It’s important to thoroughly research and consider your own needs before making a decision.


How do I trade cryptocurrencies on Binance?

At Binance, you can trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies across their Spot, Margin, Futures, and Options markets. To start trading, simply register an account, complete identity verification, deposit crypto, and begin trading.

With a user-friendly interface, advanced trading tools, and a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, Binance offers a convenient and secure platform for crypto enthusiasts to engage in the exciting world of digital assets.

What are Binance Leveraged Tokens?

Binance Leveraged Tokens offer traders a unique opportunity to gain leveraged exposure to underlying assets. 

These derivative products can be easily traded on the spot market, providing a convenient way to access leveraged positions. 

Each leveraged token represents a basket of perpetual contract positions, allowing users to benefit from price changes in the perpetual contract market. 

As the price of the underlying asset moves, the leveraged token’s price adjusts accordingly, providing traders with the desired leverage level. With Binance Leveraged Tokens, users can efficiently manage their leveraged positions and capitalize on market movements.

Is Bybit bigger than Binance?

When comparing Binance and Bybit, it is evident that Binance has a larger active user base, with approximately 128 million users, compared to Bybit’s approximately 10 million active users. 

Binance’s extensive user base is a testament to its popularity and trust within the cryptocurrency community.

Furthermore, Binance supports a higher number of cryptocurrencies compared to Bybit. With a wide range of acceptable crypto assets, Binance provides users with more options and opportunities for diversification in their trading activities.