If you’re one of those users, don’t worry—this isn’t a sign of things to come. This blog post will explain why the Crypto.com app not working and solutions you can apply to fix it.

The Crypto.com App Problems

Crypto.com App Not WorkingApp Is LockedWay To Fix

Crypto.com is one of the most preferred digital asset exchanges in the world that allows users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It was founded in June 2016 and offers a wide variety of services, including a digital wallet, trading platform, and secure service. 

Two years later, they launched the app that expanded their users’ buying, selling, paying, and earning experiences. It is competitive in its aim to become one of the leading crypto wallets and apps.

However, some users have reported problems with the exchange app recently. They said that the app frequently crashes, while others say they can’t log into it. 

Let’s examine the most common Crypto.com app problems and why they happen.

1. Crypto.com login issues

One of the underlying concerns of users regarding the app is that they cannot log in with their details. They can open the app, but once they put their login information, it suddenly freezes or crashes. This can be very annoying, especially when you’re in the exchange for urgent reasons.

This happened in January of this year when numerous users of Crypto.com expressed their frustration at not being able to access their accounts. As Crypto.com CEO Kris Marszalek confirmed, it turns out that their platform was hacked. However, they ensured that there were no losses and that their customers’ funds were safe.

Other times, logging in can’t be done because of third-party concerns. An example of this is when their third-party vendors are performing service maintenance for a specific period.

2. Version not working or opening

Another concern that users complain about is that they cannot open the app or use its features. Other times, people can get into the app, but soon as they refresh it, they get kicked out and can’t open it anymore. So, why does this happen?

The most conclusive reason for this is that the app needs to be updated, especially when there’s a new version. Sometimes, it can also be because Crypto.com is currently buggy. It can commonly be linked to software glitches resulting in erratic behavior.

3. Crypto.com app is down for maintenance

One of the things that make the Crypto.com app among the best Defi wallets and apps is that they tend to inform their users whenever they have updates or maintenance. They would tell what features will be fixed or upgraded. In that case, only the affected parts would be impacted, and you can use the rest of the app.

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How to Fix When Crypto.com App Not Working

We’ve already given the most common Crypto.com application problems. We wouldn’t end this blog without giving you solutions to fix them. 

To ensure that the issue you’re encountering is caused by the up, take time to check the following first:

  • Stability of your internet connection;
  • The device is compatible with the app;
  • You’ve updated the app on your phone; and
  • You’ve checked the time and date settings on your device

Another reason why the Crypto.com app is not working on iPhone or Android is because of the cache. On smartphones, clearing your cache can release a considerable amount of storage and fix problems with your mobile’s battery, performance, and security. Caches may cause network errors, making it essential to clear them every once in a while.

Take note of the following steps to help the Crypto.com app cache files via its settings:

Step 1: Open the “Settings” on your mobile device

Step 2: Scroll through it until you find “Apps,” and then tap on “Manage apps”

Crypto.com App Not WorkingStep 2 To Fix The Error

Step 3: Open the Crypto.com app from the list. 

In this section, you’ll find selections such as “Storage,” “Data Usage,” “Battery,” and “Clear Data.”

Step 4: Tap the “Clear Data” options and follow by “Clear cache.”

Crypto.com App Not WorkingStep 4 To FixClear The Cache And Data


Why is my Crypto.com app not working?

The app could be dysfunctional for many reasons. One of those is that the app or a third-party vendor is under maintenance or is being updated. Uncleared app cache may also be a factor to consider as to why your Crypto.com app is not working.

Is the Crypto.com app having issues?

The app has a status page where you can see whether the app is operational or experiencing some issues. Their updates are made every 24 hours to orient their users if there are problems in using the app and whether they have been resolved.

What to do when the Crypto.com app not working on iPhone?

One of the reasons why the Crypto.com app isn’t working well on iPhones is because either of the two has an update that makes it incompatible with the other. For example, the app has updated its trading feature. If you cannot access it anymore, chances are that you’ll have to update your mobile software to be compatible with and access the app.

Why can’t I log into Crypto.com?

There are many reasons why this issue happens. Users can’t log into Crypto.com when there are application updates or it’s the third-party vendors who are fixing their services. This can happen especially because they have over 250 cryptocurrencies in the exchange, including valuable and undervalued cryptos.

The app is keen on informing users when this would happen, why this would happen, and how long it would take before the app can be used again.

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