If you’ve been in the cryptocurrency space long enough, you likely understand the importance of safeguarding your digital assets. A smart move is opting for an air-gapped cold wallet. This cold wallet is considered more secure than traditional hardware wallets. In this article, we will introduce one of the most outstanding air-gapped cold wallets in the market now- ELLIPAL Titan.

In this ELLIPAL Titan review, we’ll assess its design, security measures, functions, performance, pros and cons, and then make comparisons with other cold wallets.

Key Takeaways:

  • ELLIPAL Titan is an air-gapped cryptocurrency wallet with no Bluetooth, NFC, Cellular, and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • ELLIPAL Titan offers many unique security features, such as anti-tamper, anti-disassembly, self-destruct, password, PIN, and recovery phrase.
  • ELLIPAL Titan hardware wallet also has a “mini” version which is smaller, more compact, and more affordable compared to ELLIPAL Titan.

ELLIPAL Titan Review: Overview

Type of walletAir-gapped wallet
Size118 x 66 x 9.7 mm
Weight340 g 
Material qualityFully metal sealed, anti-corrosion, anti-tamper, anti-disassembly
Screen4 inches HD touchscreen
Battery1400 mAh
Supported coins and tokensOver 10,000 tokens on 41+ blockchain networks
Coin list updateAutomatic and free
Data transmissionQR code only (no USB, Bluetooth, WIFI, NFC, or cellular)
Security featuresPIN entry, password entry, gesture pin, numeric passwords, auto self-destruct, offline firmware update, A/B accounts
Mobile app compatibilityYes (iOS and Android)
Mobile app functionsBuy, swap, staking, connect to dApp browser
Seed phrase backupELLIPAL seed phrase steel or paper mnemonic card
Warranty30-day return policy and 12 months of free inspection and repair

What is ELLIPAL Titan?

(Source: ELLIPAL)

ELLIPAL Titan is a crypto cold storage device that works offline to protect your crypto assets from online attacks. It has a big 4-inch touchscreen display and a sturdy case. This hardware wallet lets you handle over 10,000 coins and tokens.

Compared to Trezor and Ledger wallets, the Titan wallet is bigger in size. But that’s okay because you won’t always carry it around. This wallet keeps your keys safe by using QR codes for data transfer to ensure your wallet stays away from the Internet.

You can also use your mobile phone app to manage your digital assets and NFTs, like buying, swapping, staking, and accessing dApps. Ellipal also protects against supply chain attacks with its IP65-rated strong metal body and warning if someone tries to tamper with it.

Pros of ELLIPAL Titan

  • The wallet has a metal case that is resistant to damage and tampering, protecting it from physical attacks.
  • A built-in camera that can scan QR codes and verify wallet address
  • A clear user interface makes ELLIPAL Titan simple to use, even for newbies.
  • A self-destruct function that erases your data if someone tries to open or tamper with your device.
  • It has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices that can be connected to third-party wallets such as MetaMask to manage your crypto assets.

Cons of ELLIPAL Titan

  • ELLIPAL Titan is quite pricey compared to other hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S Plus and Trezor model One, costing $139 USD.
  • The wallet does not have Bluetooth or NFC, which makes it inconvenient for users to use.
  • No web interface or desktop app to work with.

ELLIPAL Titan Wallet Review: Features

1. Air-gapped Cold Wallet

Air-Gapped Security Technology

Air-gapped is a security measure to ensure the device is completely disconnected from the Internet and other networks or devices. It doesn’t have USB, Bluetooth, WIFI, NFC, or cell connections. This protects the hardware wallet from hackers, harmful software, or viruses online.

The air-gapped setup uses QR codes to connect to the ELLIPAL mobile app. This app lets you buy, trade, and invest in cryptocurrencies as well as connect to other dApps.To connect to the ELLIPAL mobile app, you need to use the camera on the device to scan the QR code on the app

2. Crypto Staking

Staking Coin List On Ellipal Titan

Staking is a way to earn passive income with crypto. Simply, you will lock your cryptocurrencies in the ELLIPAL wallet to help the blockchain network run smoothly. Then, you get rewards in the same or different tokens for your staking activities. The rewards depend on the nodes you choose to stake with.

ELLIPAL staking is easy and safe. You don’t need to go online or use other platforms. You can stake directly from the wallet by QR code scanner.

You can currently stake 5 cryptos with ELLIPAL Titan. Here is the list:

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3. Connecting to dApp Browser

Available Dapps On Ellipal Titan

DApps are decentralized applications that run on blockchain networks for different purposes, such as gaming, finance, social media, and more.

With ELLIPAL mobile app, users can easily connect to many dApp browsers on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Huobi Eco Chain, and many more. With these browsers, you can swap, buy NFTs or cryptos, lend, borrow, play games, etc.

To connect to the daaps with ELLIPAL wallet, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open the “Discover” page on the ELLIPAL app
  • Type the dApp URL or pick one from the supported dApps
  • Choose MetaMask or WalletConnect to connect
  • Scan the QR code with the ELLIPAL Titan cold wallet to link

The ELLIPAL dApp browser works with over 200 dApps, such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap, OpenSea, CurveCompound, and Aave. You can explore DeFi and NFTs while keeping your assets safe in the offline cold wallet.

4. Easy to Use

The ELLIPAL Titan wallet is easy to use for everyone. The wallet has a 4-inch touchscreen that shows everything clearly. You can use the touchscreen to create accounts, add coins, send and receive payments, stake coins, and more.

This wallet also has a camera that scans QR codes to connect with the ELLIPAL mobile app. ELLIPAL Titan has no buttons or ports, making it simple and elegant.

The ELLIPAL app is also user-friendly and intuitive. You can use the app to connect to the hardware wallet via QR codes and do various functions. This mobile app also has a tutorial section that guides you to set up and use the wallet.

5. Anti-disassembly and Anti-temper

Anti-Disassembly And Anti-Temper Feature On Ellipal Titan

The ELLIPAL Titan wallet is not only air-gapped but also anti-disassembly and anti-temper. The wallet is fully sealed and metal-coated to stop physical attacks or tampering.

Suppose someone tries to open or damage your hardware wallet. It will delete all the data and reset it to factory settings. In this way, your private keys, and assets are always safe and secure. The display is tightly metal sealed to keep ELLIPAL Titan out of dust and liquids, certified as IP65.

The ELLIPAL Titan wallet also uses a self-destruct mechanism that activates when someone enters the wrong password or PIN multiple times, and then the self-destruct mechanism will delete all the data and reset it to factory settings. This way, you can protect your wallet from unauthorized access or theft.

6. Customer Support

ELLIPAL Titan’s customer support is available to assist you. There are different ways to contact the ELLIPAL team, like email, live chat, or reaching out through social media. The ELLIPAL Titan team said they aim to reply quickly, within a few hours. 

Here are some contact sources:

According to the Trustpilot rating, the score for ELLIPAL is 2.5 stars out of 5, based on feedback from 46 people. This low rating rate is because most customers have negative experiences in dealing with ELLIPAL Titan’s customer support team, not about the product. The common issues are related to problems like not getting their orders or being ignored.

Supported Cryptocurrencies on ELLIPAL Titan

Supported Cryptocurrencies On Ellipal Titan

ELLIPAL Titan hardware wallet supports more than 10,000 tokens on 41 public blockchains. It offers four types of services: store, buy, stake, and swap cryptocurrency.

Some of the popular coins and tokens that ELLIPAL Titan supports are:

Security: Is ELLIPAL Titan Safe?

ELLIPAL Titan is a safe cold storage wallet with air-gapped transaction signing technology using a QR code. It does not connect to the Internet or other networks for added safety. 

Here are some additional security measures:

  • Open-source firmware: ELLIPAL titan source code is partially open and available for security inspection. This allows the community and users to monitor the quality and integrity of the code.
  • Password Protection: The wallet asks for a password whenever you turn it on or want to use your accounts. The password can be a mix of characters, numbers, and letters, so it’s not easy to guess. You can also create a recovery phrase with 12 or 24 words. This helps you get back into your accounts if you forget your password.
  • Automatic Self-Destruction: The ELLIPAL wallet has a unique feature for self-destruction. If someone enters the wrong password 10 times, it erases everything on the device. No one can take your money even if they steal your device.
  • Updating Without Internet: You can update the ELLIPAL cold wallet’s firmware without connecting to the Internet or another device. Just get the latest software from the official website and put it on a microSD card. Then, place the card into the device. The device will check the software and install it on its own.
  • A/B Accounts: You can secure your primary account at gunpoint by setting up an alternate account that appears when you unlock your wallet with a different password using the A/B account technique.

ELLIPAL Titan Pricing and Fees

  • Hardware Price: The cost of the ELLIPAL Titan is $139.00. This price includes the hardware wallet, a security adapter, a USB cable, a microSD card, and a user manual. You can pick between two colors: grey or gold.
  • Shipping cost: The delivery of the ELLIPAL Titan is free anywhere in the world. You can expect to get your order within 7 to 14 days after placing it. You can track your order status on the official website. The payment options for the ELLIPAL Titan are PayPal or cryptocurrencies (you can pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT)
  • Transaction Fees: The fees for using the Titan wallet are minimal. You only need to pay the network fees for sending or receiving transactions on the blockchain. These fees change depending on the coin, the network congestion, and the transaction speed you choose. You can change the fees on the device or the app before confirming a transaction.
  • Trading Fees: The swap and trade features on the ELLIPAL Titan are free. You can swap or buy cryptocurrencies directly on the device or the app without paying extra fees. You can also access decentralized applications (dApps) and stake your coins for free.

ELLIPAL Unboxing: What’s in the box?

Unboxing Ellipal Titan

Inside the box, you will find the ELLIPAL Titan hardware wallet, a charging cord, and a piece of paper to note down your 24-word secret phrase for recovery. 

Additionally, a magnetic adapter is also included, which attaches to the device’s bottom. This adapter consists of a charging port and an SD card slot to update the device’s software and complete transactions without an Internet connection. You’ll also receive an English starter guide explaining the essential actions of activating the wallet.

  • ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet
  • Type-C Charging Cord
  • Security Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Seed Phrase Recovery Sheets
  • SD Card

Setting up the ELLIPAL Titan

Step 1: Downloading the ELLIPAL App

Start your ELLIPAL Titan device and pick your language. On the device, go to the “Download ELLIPAL App” section. Use your phone to scan the QR code there.

You can also find the “Ellipal” app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Downloading The Ellipal Titan App

Step 2: Creating Your Account

Once you have the app, tap “Next” on the device and choose “Create Account.” Enter your account information, such as your name and password. You can also add a passphrase for additional device security.


Step 3: Recovery Phrase Set Up

Tap “Create Account” and carefully read the information. The device will create a group of 12 or 24 words called “mnemonics.”

These words are like a backup for your private keys and wallet. Write them on paper or a metal plate and store them securely. Don’t take pictures or screenshots, as these can be hacked.

Confirm your mnemonics by choosing the correct words in order on the device. Press “Verify Mnemonics.” This phrase helps you recover your wallet if you lose your device. Remember it and keep it safe.


Step 4: Add Coins to Your Account

Select the coins or tokens you want to add to your account and complete the setup. You can add more later in the app.

To connect your new account to the app, tap the icon on the upper right of the device screen. This will open the “Connect to App” page and your “App Connection QR codes.”


Step 5: Connect ELLIPAL App to Hardware Wallet

Open the ELLIPAL App, choose “Connect to Cold Wallet,” and tap “Connect to Cold Wallet” again. Your phone’s camera will turn on. Scan all the QR codes on the device using your phone’s camera. You can tap “Auto Play” on the device to go through all the QR codes automatically while you hold the camera.


After scanning all the QR codes, you’ll see your new cold wallet account on your phone. Now you can check your balance receive, and send transactions using your ELLIPAL Titan cold wallet.

How to buy crypto with ELLIPAL Titan?

  1. Suppose that you have an ELLIPAL Titan wallet, scan the QR code using the App to connect them. If you don’t have an ELLIPAL Titan, you can create a hot wallet account in the App.
  2. Open the App and go to the “Finance” section. Click on “Buy Crypto”. You’ll see different cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, and more.
  3. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy. Enter the amount of fiat currency (as USD or EUR) you want to spend or the cryptocurrency you want to buy. The App will show you how much money it will cost.
  4. Click on “Buy Now”. You’ll be taken to a secure payment page provided by Moonpay, a trusted service that lets you buy cryptocurrency using your bank card. You’ll need to follow a simple verification process (KYC).
  5. Fill in your card details and personal information as required. Follow the steps until the payment is complete. Once done, Moonpay will send you an email to confirm your transaction.
  6. Wait for the cryptocurrency to appear in your ELLIPAL wallet. You can track the progress of your transaction in the App or using a blockchain explorer.

Alternatives to Consider: ELLIPAL vs Ledger 

ELLIPAL TitanLedger Nano X
Size118mm x 66mm x 9.7mm72mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm
Screen4 inches HD touchscreen128×64 pixels OLED display
Battery1400 mAh100 mAh, up to 8 hours standby time
ConnectivityAir-gapped, QR codeUSB-C, Bluetooth
Cryptocurrencies10,000 coins and tokens500 assets with Ledger Live and 5000+ with 3rd party software wallet
NFTs supportedYes (Multichain)Yes (Ethereum and Polygon NFTs)
Staking supportedYes Yes

Is ELLIPAL better than Ledger?

The ELLIPAL Titan is better than Ledger in terms of display with a 4-inch HD touchscreen, providing enhanced user interaction, while the Ledger Nano X features a compact OLED display with a resolution of 128×64 pixels. But, the ELLIPAL is bulkier and heavier at 118mm x 66mm x 9.7mm and 340g, whereas the Nano X is more portable at 72mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm and 34g.

Both crypto wallets support staking. However, the ELLIPAL Titan impressively supports a wide array of 10,000 coins and tokens, while the Ledger provides compatibility with 500 assets through Ledger Live and over 5,000 through third-party wallets.

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ELLIPAL Review: Conclusion

To conclude the ELLIPAL Titan review, it is one of the best crypto hardware wallets for your digital asset storage. If you want a cold wallet that is secure, functional, compatible, performant, and reliable, you should consider ELLIPAL Titan.

ELLIPAL Titan is designed to be user-friendly with a big touchscreen, a metal case, a long-lasting battery, and a micro SD card slot. The wallet has no Internet or network connection, it only uses QR codes to connect to other devices or platforms. ELLIPAL also has a reliable and durable firmware update, customer support, and warranty service.

In the end, you should always do your own research, compare various cryptocurrency wallets, and pick the one that suits you best.


1. How Safe is ELLIPAL Titan?

ELLIPAL Titan is very safe. It has no Internet connection and is safe from hackers and malware. It also has anti-tamper and anti-disassembly features to protect crypto assets from physical and supply chain attacks.

2. Is ELLIPAL Titan good?

ELLIPAL Titan is a good hardware wallet for crypto and NFT enthusiasts. It is designed with a big 4-inch touchscreen that lets you see and sign your transactions. This hardware wallet also supports over 10,000 coins and tokens, such as BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, XRP, ADA, and more.

You can buy, swap, stake, and connect to dApps through the ELLIPAL mobile app. ELLIPAL is a leading air-gapped cold wallet that has been used by customers in over 140 countries.

3. How much does ELLIPAL Titan cost? 

ELLIPAL Titan costs $139.00 USD on the official website, which is a discounted price over the original $169.00 USD. You can also buy extra accessories like the ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel to store your recovery words.

4. What happens if I lose my ELLIPAL Titan?

If you lose your ELLIPAL Titan, you can still access your funds using your mnemonic phrase or seed phrase. A mnemonic phrase is a set of 12 or 24 words that back up your wallet.

You can write down your recovery phrase on the mnemonic card that comes with the device or on the ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel for more security. You can then use your seed phrase to restore your wallet on another ELLIPAL device or any other compatible wallet.