Recently, BNB Chain has released an 18-page report to introduce the Layer 2 scaling solution – opBNB.

So, what’s so special about opBNB?


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opBNB – Layer 2 scaling solution

opBNB is BNB Chain’s most appropriate answer to the scalability challenge that has limited the mass adoption of Blockchain technology.

opBNB is Layer 2, compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). opBNB solution is based on Optimism OP Stack to further enhance BSC scalability while maintaining affordability and security.

Even faster and cheaper

The combination of BNB Chain’s availability and opBNB’s dedicated new features allows this Layer 2 to push the gas limit up to a whopping 100M. This is a huge leap from Optimism’s 30M.

Thanks to these new features, OpBNB is able to process more than 4000 transfers per second and keep the average cost of a transaction under $0.005.

The ultimate purpose of opBNB

This is based on the author’s speculation.

We all question that the BNB Chain network is already so fast and cheap, so why does BNB Chain continue to launch a Layer 2?

The answer lies in how far BNB Chain wants to expand this network on a global scale.

Particularly in the introduction and Q&A of opBNB, we will see two service areas that BNB Chain is very interested in.

That is the online payment segment and the Games operation segment.

opBNB clearly shows its purpose when comparing with opBNB’s own processing speed with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, .. but not compared with other competitors in the same Crypto industry. This gives us a conjecture that, BNB Chain is having a bigger plan for opBNB to participate in the traditional financial system, rather than just being limited to the Crypto market.

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With the game operation segment, although it does not give specific examples, but opBNB gives very detailed information as to why opBNB is so good for operating Games.

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So what do you think about opBNB?