Best Projects on BNB Chain - Find Your New BSC Tokens & Crypto in 2024

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Discover the latest BNB Chain (former BSC – Binance Smart Chain) tokens and projects to invest in from the most promising DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, gaming, and more.

Binance Smart Chain has quickly gained traction among developers and investors, with numerous projects sprouting up in its ecosystem.

It is known for its low transaction fees and high speed. This makes it an ideal platform for decentralized applications (dApps). Binance Coin (BNB) is the native cryptocurrency of the Binance ecosystem and is integral to the functioning of the BSC.

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the top 7 BSC projects that are set to make waves in the cryptocurrency space.

What is Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

Binance Smart Chain is a high-performance blockchain platform that supports the execution of smart contracts and decentralized applications. It was launched in September 2020 and has since gained immense popularity due to its fast transaction speed and low fees.

The BSC network is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making it easy for developers to migrate their dApps from the Ethereum blockchain to BSC.

What is Binance Coin (BNB)?

Binance Coin (BNB) is the native cryptocurrency of the Binance ecosystem. It was launched in 2017 as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain but was later migrated to the Binance Chain in 2019.

BNB is used to pay fees on the Binance exchange and is also used as gas for transactions on the Binance Smart Chain.

How to Determine the Best BSC Projects?

  1. Look for projects with strong fundamentals such as a solid development team, a clear roadmap, and a strong community.
  2. Projects that have a real-world use case and solve a problem in a specific industry are likely to have a better chance of success in the long term.
  3. Consider the tokenomics of the project, including the total supply, the allocation of tokens, and the use cases for the token.
  4. Look for projects that prioritize security, and have undergone multiple security audits.
  5. Projects with industry-established partnerships are more reliable and have higher chances of succeeding.
  6. Cryptocurrencies with high levels of liquidity and trading volume can easily be swapped.

Top 7 Binance Smart Chain Projects Reviewed

Now, let’s understand each of these 7 BSC projects and see what makes them so promising for the future of digital assets and blockchain projects.

1. PancakeSwap (CAKE)

PancakeSwap is the most popular BNB chain ecosystem project. It functions as a decentralized exchange platform that enables the swapping of BEP-20 tokens.

Its operations are based on an automated market maker (AMM) model. They operate differently from traditional exchanges that pair buyers and sellers. Instead, PancakeSwap executes trades by utilizing a liquidity pool.

As a result, users have the opportunity to trade BEP-20 tokens on this platform or add liquidity to the pool and earn CAKE tokens for their contributions.

Key Features of Pancakeswap

  • Yield farming and staking opportunities
  • Low transaction fees and high transaction throughput
  • Low price slippage due to high liquidity
  • Non-custodial platform, users have control of their funds

2. BakerySwap (BAKE)

BakerySwap is another popular DEX BSC project. It operates as an automated market maker and serves as a platform for non-fungible tokens.

Although several decentralized finance projects like SushiSwap and Uniswap already exist for token exchange, BakerySwap (BAKE) stands out as the open-source AMM blockchain project.

Besides, It also provides a launchpad and a marketplace for NFTs to facilitate users in buying and selling them with ease.

Key Features of BakerySwap

  • Farm liquidity and earn rewards in the form of BAKE Tokens
  • Swapping of a wide range of BEP-20 tokens with low fees and fast transaction times
  • BakeryGallery for artists and digital art buyers
  • Highly secure with audits, bug bounties, and partnerships with security firms

3. Venus Protocol (XVS)

Venus protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) money market that allows users to lend and borrow various cryptocurrencies.

It works by utilizing collateralized lending. This means that users can borrow cryptocurrencies by depositing other cryptocurrencies as collateral.

The platform supports a range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), and Binance Coin (BNB).

Key Features of Venus

  • Built on BNB Chain for fast, secure, and low-cost transactions
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Non-custodial and decentralized lending platform
  • XVS token holders can earn rewards and vote on protocol upgrades


MOBOX is a Defi project for gaming and non-fungible token (NFT) trading built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The MOMOverse universe consists of multiple games that are built on top of the MOBOX platform and are interconnected through a shared digital universe. The games include MOBOX Farm, MOBOX Arena, MOBOX World, and MOBOX Quest, each with its unique gameplay mechanics and rewards.

MOBOX Farm is for staking NFTs, and MOBOX Arena, is a battle game that allows players to earn rewards by competing against other players.

Key Features of MOBOX

  • Liquidity mining and staking rewards
  • NFT mystery boxes for stakers
  • PvP battles and in-game currency
  • Incentives for MBOX HODLers

5. SafePal (SFP)

SafePal is another promising project by Binance Labs. It is a secure and easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet, that allows users to store, manage, and trade digital assets.

The wallet includes a multi-layer security system, which offers a combination of hardware and software solutions. The hardware wallet SafePal S1 is used for offline key storage, whereas its hot wallets are used for integration with dApps and assets swapping.

Key Features of SafePal

  • Secure element chip for cold storage
  • Unlimited crypto storage on 54 blockchains
  • An affordable and portable device
  • Non-custodial and low trading fees

6. Cream Finance (CREAM)

Cream Finance is a Decentralized lending protocol launched in August 2020. Its goal is to provide an open and accessible financial system for everyone.

It was launched on the Ethereum blockchain through a liquidity pool and subsequently went live on the Binance Smart Chain.

The platform has also integrated with other DeFi protocols such as Yearn Finance, SushiSwap, and Curve Finance. This provides users with more opportunities to earn rewards.

Key Features of Cream Finance

  • Low trading fees and fast settlement times
  • Community-driven governance model
  • Swap pools and ETH2 staking

7. Altura (ALU)

Altura is a unique web3-gaming platform that provides powerful capabilities to developers to effectively incorporate web3 technology into their games. Developers can mint, combine, update, and trade blockchain-backed assets within the game.

Altura’s platform supports five blockchains including the binance smart chain. Its Smart NFT technology distinguishes itself by allowing NFTs to be updated rapidly and at no cost, improving the in-game experience for gamers.

Key Features of Altura

  • Built-in NFT Marketplace
  • Staking for ALU token holders (earn up to 8% interest)
  • Complete decentralized protocol for web3 developers

How to Buy BSC Crypto on Binance Exchange?

Buying Binance Smart Chain (BSC) crypto is a relatively simple process:

  1. Create a Binance account and perform KYC verification.
  2. To buy BSC crypto, you will need to fund your Binance account with either cryptocurrency or fiat money.
  3. Choose the BSC cryptocurrency you want to buy. You can do this by using the search bar or by scrolling through the list of available cryptocurrencies.
  4. Now, you will need to place an order. You can do this by selecting the trading pair you want to use, such as CAKE/USDT, and then entering the amount of CAKE you want to buy and the price you are willing to pay.
  5. Confirm the transaction. Make sure to review your order details carefully before confirming.
  6. Once your order has been processed and confirmed, you will receive your BSC cryptocurrency in your Binance account.


Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is proving to be a powerful player in the cryptocurrency market, and the 7 Best BSC Projects we’ve discussed are poised for success in 2024 and beyond.

From decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to gaming platforms, these projects are driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the blockchain space. 

Due to low gas fees, high scalability, and developer-friendly SDK, we will see more innovative Projects in the future.


Why Invest in BNB chain coins?

Binance Smart Chain has a large DeFi ecosystem with various dApps offering yield farming, staking, lending, borrowing, and other services. 

It also offers faster and cheaper transactions compared to other blockchain networks like Ethereum. This has led to an increase in the number of users and investors on the network, further increasing the potential ROI of BSC projects.

What exactly is a BSC Token?

BSC tokens are built on the Binance Smart Chain using the BEP-20 token standard, which is similar to the widely-used ERC-20 token standard on the Ethereum network.

The Tokens can be used for various purposes such as payments, governance, utility, and more within the BSC ecosystem.

Examples of popular BSC Tokens include Binance Coin (BNB), PancakeSwap (CAKE), Altura (ALU), and many more.

Where can I find more projects on other Blockchains?

We have a project page that features the latest and notable projects on different chains, such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, Near, Avalanche, Celo, Fantom, Arbitrum and even Play To Earn projects.



BC.GAME is a community-driven crypto casino and the first to integrate the Bitcoin Lightning Network, earning numerous globally recognized compliance certifications. With over 6,000 games, including slots, live dealer experiences, and unique in-house classics, BC.GAME aims to deliver an exceptional crypto gaming experience. Featuring 24/7 support and extensive currency flexibility, BTC/USDT deposits & withdrawls. It stands out as a premier destination for enthusiasts seeking excitement and innovation in the world of crypto casinos.


In the realm of memecoins, DOGEMOB sets itself apart through its growing ecosystem, utility, and community-driven approach.

Papu Token

PAPU Token is a meme coin inspired by the Papu Papu video game character, created for entertainment purposes and community focus. It presents itself as the 'PAPU' of meme coins.

A transparent, provably fair lottery-style game.


CeDeFiAi is your all-in-one non-custodial hub for trading and investing!


ChainPlay.GG is the ultimate one-stop hub for Web3 Gamers. It swiftly compiles all the latest gaming information, from news to fundraising and gaming events.


AlphaQuest is a Crypto Research tool that helps you discover the hottest narratives & projects before they take off

Happy Train

Happy Train is an innovative concept related to Meme tokens. The main goal of the project is to create a strong and dedicated community that supports tokens not only for profit but also for their ideology and values.


Layerium is The Next Gen Layer 2 Blockchain Scaling any existing EVM Blockchain


ART CAN DIE embraces this evolution and lays the foundation for a transparent, open and fair world of art.,Web3 opens a new era of artistic participation and production, reaffirming the vital role of art to inspire us all.

BountyKinds YU

BountyKinds is a new Web3 project set in a gaming universe where players can earn by contributing in the game’s world building. Players have several ways of earning within the game

Twelve Zodiac

URBAN CITY with a lot of NEW experiences and accompanied with your personal lovely zodiac pet (NFT) while earn Crypto Asset at the same time using our main token $TWELVE.

Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly has a unique concept of Play-to-Earn (P2E) augmented reality gaming. It has its own metaverse eco-system called Dragonverse where NFT Dragons will be available to access its own augmented reality mobile app.

LS Coin

LS Coin (LSC) is one of the three core products of LS TRADE, playing an important role in storing and transferring value, while promoting and attracting continuous cash flow into the ecosystem.

Trackers Token

Trackers - your secret advantage among other investors With this tool, you can analyze the Whales’s transactions, copy their trades.


A community-driven meme coin that's here to shake up the crypto world. Baby Pepe is more than just a cute green frog – it's a project with real utility and huge potential for growth.

Meta FPS

Create or join eSport tournaments, complete challenges, play for crypto prizes, find the best teams and the hottest Play 2 Earn games on


Ultimate safety in mind for investors is why we chose to make sure we had all safety measures in place unlike many other tokens. The team has invested to put investors first.

Open Campus

Open Campus utilizes a new protocol allowing communities to create, own, and promote content they want to see in the world and enables educators to earn revenue and gain recognition for their contributions.


Best meme coin on the BNB chain, with 3% reflections and renounced contract. You can buy $NOOT on our website by exchanging it with any cryptocurrency or fiat currency (service provided by Flooz).

Pepe Coin BSC

Pepe is here to make memecoins great again. Launched stealth with no presale, no team Tokens, LP burnt and contract renounced, $PPC is a coin for the people, forever. Fueled by pure memetic power, let $PPC show you the way.


At VNetwork we focus on building what the public needs and we feel that DeFi tools are either outdated, overpriced, or both.At VNetwork we focus on building what the public needs

Red Floki CEO

The features include HOLDR Rewards, burning to facilitate deflation, a Marketing Wallet to promote the project for growth, and contract renouncement so the community can run the project collectively.

Hamster Groomers

Hamster Groomers is an entertainment and educational community with a mission to transform Hamsters into experienced players in the crypto market.

Wednesday Inu

Wednesday Inu is a new original token on the Binance Blockchain with WEB 3.0 technologies and the Burn function, monthly burn


Dev-Ops will be the world’s first software that will continuously give improvements to code during the development and operations face of any application


Nanotechnology has the potential to enable the development of new materials, devices, and systems wth unique properties and capabilities. NVS has a mission to bring nanotechnology to the crypto ecosystem.

Oreto Network

refers to a type of decentralized organization that operates on a blockchain and has the ability to make decisions that affect its past actionsrefers to a type of decentralized organization

Doge Blue

Doge Blue is building a decentralized community of designers that are rewarded for their creativity, meme logo ,all designers and want to encourage them to show their best work

Stretch To Earn (STN)

STN is a FitnessFi Super app that integrates with Defi options to provide you with an "all-in-one" platform with a hassle-free experience.

Enigma Gaming

Enigma Gaming is a innovative platform that combines online gaming, AI and cryptocurrencies.


The decentralised entertainment hub. Watch, shop & play on-chain today. DeHub is a multi chain protocol building real world blockchain solutions on Ethereum, BNB & Polygon by an established team of industry professionals.


QuickNode is a Web3 infrastructure platform helping developers & businesses build, launch, and scale blockchain-powered applications. A lightning-fast global API provides instant access to over 25 networks, including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BSC, and Avalance. By providing powerful tools, enhanced APIs, and 1-lick integrations we help builders save time and let them create the best version of their application and get to-market faster.

Metachain One

Metachain One is the perfect blockchain for any cryptocurrency project that wants to benefit from zero fees transactions. With the Metachain One two-way bridge you can easily migrate your tokens in and out of the Metachain One network, as well as enjoy fast and reliable transactions without any fees. Create contracts, tokens, and build metaverse games with Metachain One, and provide your customers with the zero fees advantage. With Metachain one you can also discover, play and get access to new metaverse games and NFTs. Take your metaverse game to the next level with Metachain One and enjoy the ultimate zero fee advantage.


Back is the first GameFi,a comprehensive entertainment platform integrating football competition, land trading, e-sports and other metaverse games.

Crypto Strike

Crypto-Strike is a PLAY TO EARN game based on the iconic game "Counter-Strike 1.6", "Counter-Strike GO". Crypto Strike is the first all-in-one DeFi Ecosystem for play-to-earn games. Demo game is out! Full game will be released shortly after the ICO.

Crypto Galaxy

Crypto Galaxy is a Strategic Interstellar Game Box, where each player can find the character and role that suits them!


The 1st transaction aggregator that supports multimedia NFT & transaction mining. At OKALEIDO we collect and organize all NFT trading information from different markets and provide an optimized trading experience to enhance the efficiency and visibility of transactions. We have built OKALEIDO into the premier NFT trading aggregator platform with support for transaction mining.

Aequinox DEX

Aequinox Dex is a community-driven decentralized exchange that supports multi-token and weighted pools, automated portfolio management, liquidity deepening and oracle data price sensing on the Binance Smart Chain. It allows for the creation of bespoke crypto indexes of up to 8 tokens, while optimizing yield farming and liquidity mining potential with a ve- gauge voting system.


What is ReadFi? The ReadFi is an emerging crypto platform developing the project, determined to rehabilitate the blockchain community. It devotes some of its daily time to reading and encourages its users to read daily through the read two earn mechanism. In the recent development, ReadFi has introduced the Metaverse Library in the digital space.


GMR was created to formulate a sustainable synergy between blockchain technology and the gaming industry.

Hector Network

Hector Network is developing an expansive web 3 ecosystem for a visionary future. The foundations of the ecosystem, supported by the HEC utility token and TOR stablecoin, are functionality, accessibility and community. In conjunction with their growing list of partners, Hector Network is expanding crosschain and is dedicated to mass adoption.


ArchLoot is an NFT-based UGC game with loot-style composability and playability.


The world’s first Watch-to-Earn Game built to reward Football Fans for watching what they love most: football


Ariva is a blockchain solution for the Travel and Tourism industry that allows users to make bookings with cryptocurrency. Ariva ecosystem consists of a travel portal Ariva.World, payment gateway Ariva.Finance, and metaverse Ariva Wonderland.

Arc Finance

Arc Finance is an AUM-based liquidity as a service (LaaS) platform that allows users to achieve effective high-yield liquidity management through a combination of premium mining strategies.

Fight of the Ages

FOTA is a Triple-A MOBA Game project owned by Meta DJINN PTE.LTD and based in SINGAPORE, with a fantasy universe inhabited by many races throughout the universe. In the world of FOTA, NFT Technology is optimized so that users can feel the possibility of owning valuable digital assets during the journey.


Hamster Token is a de-centralized meme token which was created on BSC Network. The specific feature that distinguishes it from other meme tokens in the market is that it is more powerful and secure.


MetaBomb is a Casual Play-2-Earn game, where players actually own something in the Metaverse and earn steady income through fun and interactive gameplay. Players control their heroes in MetaBomb world, collect tokens, and NFT items in different game modes: Treasure Hunt, Boss Hunt, PVP, Arena, Tournament, etc. and all of the items are tradable through the Marketplace. Moreover, players can build, own, buy and rent private properties in the world of MetaBomb.

Gunstar Metaverse

Gunstar Metaverse (Gunstar) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing (RPG) and turn-based strategy NFT Game that gives you the real value of enjoyment and excitement in gaming and the real value provided through the blockchain platform.


Forus Platform is an exchange platform that is focusing to solve two major issues, the first is scalability issues, and the other involves low liquidity in cryptocurrency markets due to high volatility or unpredictable price movements

Era7: Game Of Truth

BNB Chain-based Era7: Game of Truth combines TCG (trading card gaming) with fast-paced competitive gameplay while incorporating NFT-themed play-to-earn concepts.


Aquanee is a top grossing NFT project on Binance NFT, and brings an incredible GameFi universe of AQUA, NFTs, and GameFi for all to enjoy.


Quartz.defi is an UST pegged algorithmic stablecoin ecosystem running on BNB and Harmony blockchains. The protocol's underlying mechanisms are designed in a way to ensure a peg of AMES:UST is achieved, and once achieved, it is maintained to establish $AMES as a mirrored, liquid asset to $UST.

Melos Studio

Melos Studio - The destination for Creating, Discovering & Collecting Original Music on Web3

Tiny World

Tiny World is a brand new gaming platform. Tiny World combines amazing Tiny Hero NFTs, DeFi and enjoyable gameplay to bring the best P2E GameFi experience to the market. Start your HUGE adventure today!


The Idle Stoneage is a synthetic NFT concept dual-end (web/mobile) game based on blockchain technology and deployed on the BSC. It is driven by the community, and the core gameplay is card turn-based.


Web3Games is an integrated blockchain gaming ecosystem that includes four core products: Portal, Protocol, Studios, and Chain. We aim to help traditional game developers integrate their gaming products with blockchain, making gaming assets decentralized and permissionless, and bringing back the digital ownership of in-game items to players.


Spintop is the next generation blockchain gaming hub that aims to utilize the new tools of web3 to offer a comprehensive experience for players, traders and investors. In Spintop, we aspire to guide, discuss and supply through blockchain gaming. The ecosystem is designed as a gaming hub that allows players to exchange their tokens, NFTs, and reviews.

Sandwich Network

Sandwich Network is the definite hub to start a cryptocurrency project. User-friendly and permissionless access to anyone. Sandwich is truly decentralized and non-custodial so any user that connects with a Web3 wallet can use all Dapps in the ecosystem.

MetaGaming Guild (MGG)

MetaGaming Guild (MGG) is community-governed organization that makes game finance fairer for the masses. It primarily focuses on live scholarship program where players or members access games without upfront costs, access early-stage game tokens like VCs, and deploy their NFTs to automated yield.

Charge DeFi

ChargeDeFi is a new Algorithmic Stablecoin project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The ecosystem consists of 3 tokens: $Static, $Charge and $Pulse. These three tokens create an ecosystem with expansion and rebase mechanics.

The Parallel

The Parallel ISN'T just a game. The ultimate purpose of the Parallel is to evolve into the ultimate diversified ENTERTAINMENT, SOCIAL and CREATIVE venue, setting the stage for infinite gaming possibilities.

Jade Protocol

Jade protocol is an improved fork of Olympus DAO on Binance Smart Chain, an algorithmic reserve currency offering the highest yields in Defi through staking and bonding mechanisms. Jade is run by the Fair Fork Foundation and the SmartCoin team, with no pre-mint, no VCs, and no team allocation.

Linear Finance

Linear Finance is the first cross-chain compatible, decentralized delta-one asset protocol that allows users to seamlessly and cost-effectively create, trade, and manage synthetic assets (Liquids). Linear Finance utility token, $LINA, uses Ethereum’s ERC-20 and Binance Smart Chain’s BEP-20 standard. Allowing our users to trade without worrying about high gas fees, and at the same time, integrate with the growing number of protocols in the DeFi space.

Plant Exodus

Plant Exodus is an NFT Blockchain-based Play-to-earn game inspired by classic turn-based RPG with gorgeous 3D design style combining with novel fantasy style which gives audience a rich and expandable imagination world about the journey of Plant Tribes fighting against insects, birds and other animals that aggressively bully, oppress and threaten the growing ecosystem of the plants.

Nemesis DAO

Nemesis DAO is a decentralized finance reserve currency protocol built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The protocol is powered by the NMS token, which is backed by a basket of assets like BUSD and Liquidity Pair Tokens. Nemesis DAO introduces unique dynamics into the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market through bonding and staking.


Zodium is a play-to-earn project based on 3D character NFTs, created by the co-founder of the legendary Line Friends collection.

Summoners Arena

Summoners Arena is an innovative idle-RPG game built on BSC, integrating DeFi and NFT with a focus on an economy-driven format. Being backed by big gaming companies such as Onesoft, Sonat and Zitga, Summoners Arena aims at providing a comprehensive P2E experience to gamers.

Mirror Protocol

Mirror: assets reflected on the blockchain. Mirror Protocol allows the creation of fungible assets, “synthetics”, that track the price of real-world assets. Mirror synthetics are intended to be used as key building blocks in smart contracts, and to bring the world’s assets to the blockchain.


Farmville was among the most popular games on Facebook in 2009. At its peak, in March 2010, Farmville had over 80 Million monthly users while their daily users reached up to 34.5 Million users. HappyLand is designed to upgrade the player’s experience on agriculture-simulation and improve games to another level by appending blockchain and Farm-2-Earn mechanics.


The Smart Contracts Global Marketplace - an ecosystem that gives non-coders the ability to create their own Next-Gen Contracts in the digital world. Increasing blockchain adoption across every sphere of industry and life.

DePocket Finance

DePocket is the optimal solution, an indispensable and convenient platform to invest and manage your portfolio across ALL DeFi & GameFi platforms.


MDEX.COM supports the decentralized cross-chain transaction protocols of BSC, HECO and ETH, and ranks first in the DEX rankings by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. MDEX.COM innovatively combines the different advantages of various basic public chains, and creates a well-rounded and composite DEX ecosystem with high performance. The "dual mining" mechanism of liquidity mining and transaction mining brings greater returns to the participants, and the transaction fee “repurchase and burn” mechanism realizes a closed and self-driven loop for value capture. It runs on the HECO, ETH and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Users can use MDEX Bridge to realize cross-chain interoperability between HECO, ETH and BSC.

Waterfall DeFi

Waterfall DeFi is a platform that offers risk diversification through tranching a portfolio of yield generating DeFi assets. Through delivering traditional tranching methodology to DeFi, Waterfall enables more conservative DeFi users to safer, fixed, and predictable yields while also providing products for higher risk-tolerant users for greater potential yields.


AI-Powered DeFi - Dynamically Managed Asset Sets - Portfolio Manager


DopeWarz is a comprehensive Metaverse, full with a virtual economy that enables people to buy and sell virtual DrugZ to earn real-world tradable assets.


PolkaCity Is A New Fully Autonomous Contract-Based NFT Platform That Allows You To Invest In Virtual Assets In The Form Of A Virtual City. PolkaCity has launched its own 3D&AR NFT platform, NFT Marketplace and BSC-ETH Bridge. All of these contracts have been audited by CertİK.


Demeter is a decentralized currency market protocol. Conbining with collateralized lending and collateralized stablecoin generation, Demeter provides users with a more robust stablecoin DUSD and more secure lending service at a lower cost.

Crypto Fight Club

Crypto Fight Club reimagines staking and play2earn models through different lucrative models offering massive APYs and an attractive 'fight2earn' model.


Binamon play to earn is a skill game where users have to run and face monsters shooting at them. To do this, they have to follow a sequence that combines four elements: water, fire, earth and light. The essence of this game is very didactic and strengthens the intelligence and brain connections of both kids and adults.


PlaceWar is a decentralised strategic play-to-earn game universe deployed on multi-chain with highly engaging artillery gameplay that allows players to create and define the outlook of the in-game world through building, battles and alliance.


GameStation aims to be the One-Stop-Shop for GameFi. The platform features a launchpad, a marketplace to trade, lend, and borrow in-game assets, and, along with its roadmap, a community event & tournament system.


Swash is an ecosystem of tools and services that enable people, businesses, and developers to unlock the latent value of data by pooling, securely sharing, and monetising its value.

Hero Arena

Hero Arena is a multiplayer RPG NFT Game built on blockchain technology. We have inspiration from the Dota2 Game.

Lithium Ventures

We help talented founders focussed on real applications of blockchain technology to raise capital. Through a three-pronged approach, we provide incubated projects with the best chance of success, and give our community access to quality, vetted IDOs.


Starpunk is the all-in-one, decentralized incubator ecosystem for NFT Gaming Startups. We empower game developers, investors, and players together to build a blockchain-based economy, accelerate the introduction of new NFT Games into the market through our Game Launchpad, and allow projects incubated by Starpunk to launch their own white-labeled NFT Marketplace.


Warena is the first personalized, and #playtoearn #NFT #metaverse game. Warena gives you everything you want from an NFT game. It’s a play-to-earn metaverse that allows you to personalize your in-game characters and interact with characters from other universes like Cat Gunner and Axie Infinity in Warena combat games. Warena features thrilling action-survival gameplay where human and zombie teams face off against each other in a zombie apocalypse scenario. Players can choose to inhabit different lands, trade warriors & NFTs, battle against each other, and play in tournaments.


DareNFT is the universal NFT 2.0 protocol for Digital Assets. The mainstream adoption of NFT depends on its ability to wholly reflect the benefits of digital assets. DareNFT has developed a suite of products that solve the current problems of NFT 1.0.


SoccerHub is the very first play-to-earn multiplayer soccer manager game which is a combination of the traditional soccer manager game and the trending NFT game.

Project SEED

AAA Game Studio building mobile-focused blockchain gaming ecosystem that utilizes MultiBlockchain and integrates Governance, GameFi, and NFT.


CyBall is a football-themed NFT P2E game that allows players to collect trade and battle their CyBlocs.

Uno Re

Uno Re is the world’s first risk-trading reinsurance platform, powered by Polkadot allowing users to stake and earn rewards in USDC. With their Mainnet launch, users can now enjoy APRs of up to 20%.

CEEK VR Metaverse

CEEK is the first decentralized celebrity VR Metaverse that empowers users to create NFT’s, live events, Avatars, digital merch, venues, art and social games that traverse multiple worlds. Community members can stake against various venues in CEEK City and earn rewards on transactions, virtual tickets and streams within various venues.

Project Oasis

Oasis is a 2D metaverse where players can explore the world of DeFi in a simple, gamified and safe manner. We gamify core functions of cryptocurrency and make the whole DeFi experience feel like a game.

With the explosion of the NFT trend and its impact on the game market, a series of NFT-integrated game projects were born, but most of them were simple games and web-based games. It is very tough to approach players without mobile versions. Overlord is confident to be the first mobile RPG game that has successfully integrated NFT, with just a mobile phone with internet connection, players will be able to experience it without any concern. Demo version is ready and the official version will be released as soon as possible:


NFTb is a Binance-backed DeFi platform for Creators to access opportunities in DeFi with the best user experience for anyone, anywhere. Our mission is to help creators get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps.


Vulkania offers customizable Blockchain Dashboards, one-stop solutions for gathering data of crypto projects while saving time. VLK is the heart of our ecosystem and offers many use cases, such as DeFi with frictionless reflections to our holders. Vulkania - We organize Crypto.


GemGuardian is a rewarding fantasy-based NFT Card Game on the BSC Network. We utilize the Dual Token economy to promote price sustainability, but at the same time keeping the game fun and lucrative. Players will acquire Guardian and Dragons to battle and earn in-game rewards that can be staked for a lucrative APY.

Buffer Finance

Buffer Finance is 1st ever gamified options trading platform on Binance Smart Chain. Anyone can create, and settle options directly against a liquidity pool without the need of an option seller.


APENFT and Binance NFT join hands to launch the "ApeAvatar" selected mystery box series. There are 50 selected global influential figures whose avatars will be presented in a customized crypto art style. For each of the 50 avatars claimed, APENFT and Binance Charity Foundation will donate $5,000 to international philanthropic organizations.

Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite is an Axie Infinity-inspired Play-to-Earn crypto game. We are mostly similar to Axie from every aspect, imagine it like a new server to Axie but with better gameplays, consisting of Monsta trading, Breeding, PVP war, Land survival, etc.

CUEX by CUE Protocol

CUEX is a taxed token (10%) that features an AMM, providing liquidity to CUEX & CUE tokens. In addition, it rewards holders with both CUEX and CUE tokens through reflection and buybacks. CUEX will also provide staking pools for holders to further earn with other project pools coming too.

Annex Finance

Annex Finance aims to be the next generation cross-chain center hub (BSC, Poly, ETH) for all DeFi aims to cover all needed angles in the crypto space. From lending/borrowing, to NFT marketplace, DEX/AMM swap, and pool.


EverRise token ($RISE or RISE) is a collateralized cryptocurrency that grants investors holding RISE instant rewards on all transactions, and protects them with its unique buyback and burn protocol. EverRise is also releasing a suite of DApps to make the BSC space safer and more secure for everyone.


BabySwap is the best AMM+NFT decentralized exchange for newborn projects on Binance Smart Chain, providing a more friendly trading experience and better project support.


Built on BSC technology, VikingsChain is the next ultimate blockchain multiplayer battle game that provides users to train heroes and win rewards in tournaments

Seedify.Fund $Sfund

Seedify.Fund is an Incubator and Launchpad focusing completely on Blockchain Gaming. We vision a world in which people from all around the world make their livelihood through play-to-earn models, extending the impact and adoption of blockchain the meanwhile.


DNAxCAT creates a digital cat pet world where players can raise and breed varies of cute cats and fight shoulder to shoulder in the adventure world with your cats. DNAxCAT leads the trend of GameFi and “Play To Earn".


CertiK is leading the cybersecurity space with the use of formal verification technology on smart contracts. It is considered to be one of the leading companies in blockchain security. CertiK aims to secure the ecosystem from hackers and build a reliable blockchain ecosystem.

Wanaka Farm

NFT farm-themed game. Play, relax and earn.

Math Wallet

Math Wallet has integrated Avalanche, giving users an easy-to-use mobile, web, and browser-extension wallet for AVAX and all Avalanche-native assets. Math Wallet recently upgraded to support the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which brings support for 150+ EVM public chains including Avalanche.


DeFi/DEX aggregator with the most liquidity and the best rates on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, 1inch dApp is an entry point to the 1inch Network’s tech.


Next-generation deflationary utility token coupled with Ultra-HD metascanning technology.

Wall Street Games

Wall Street Games is a next-generation hybrid blockchain-based online gaming platform, where players battle each other in fun & addicting simple games for rewards in cryptocurrencies!

Impossible Finance

Impossible was created to build the next generation of what launchpads should be for both project teams and users. It solves pain-points of users hoping to win meaningful allocations into projects they like, and project teams looking to launch tokens to engaged user audiences.


Bunicorn is an all-in-one BSC-powered Defi platform that offers the following services at launch: - Flexible AMM pools with up to 8 tokens, any weight - Super low slippage & high capital efficiency pools for stablecoins - Smart order routing & dynamic fee adjusted based on volatility - Innovated Yield Farming with a reward vesting model wrapped in NFT collectibles.

Founded in 2021, has been carefully designed and engineered to allow its users to create, buy and sell and resell NFTs initially based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


Advanced Yield Farming On Binance Smart Chain


Own the most remarkable events and characters from the crypto space transformed into the fantasy story animated on unique collectible cards.


Control your assets Up to 250% APR Kalmar is a decentralized bank powered by DeFi and NFT. We use secure financial instruments and advanced gamification models to make banking engaging, transparent and accessible.


BSCLaunch is a top-tier launchpad that provides comprehensive solutions to incubate the future unicorns of the DeFi landscape. It is a one-stop investment launchpad allowing community members to participate in a fair and equal manner.


ThreeFold is building a more private, secure, and sustainable Internet. The TFT is the token of the new Internet, the payment mechanism for ThreeFold Grid and ThreeFold Cloud usage.

Alchemy Toys

NFT + MMPOG + DeFi. On-chain board-game to multi-play the classic alchemy game with collectible NFTs that are backed by real value!


We are not only the NFT collection platform but also a platform with so many exciting game activities

O3 Swap

O3 Swap, a proprietary cross-chain aggregation protocol, was designed to achieve more efficient trading pathways using 2 solutions. The first solution is Liquidity Aggregation - aggregating the liquidity source across leading Decentralized Exchanges(DEXs) from mainstream blockchains. Another part is Cross-Chain Exchange - implementing cross-chain protocols that allow DeFi users to freely exchange cross-chain assets with one click within their own wallet.


Social trading meets yield farming//Find your favorite farmers, follow their strategies, and boost your yield.

DERI Protocol is a decentralized protocol to exchange risk exposures precisely and capital-efficiently.

Umbrella Network

Umbrella Network is a decentralized, community-owned, layer 2 data oracle for the blockchain and DeFi ecosystems.  We bring data on chain that other oracles simply cannot, and at a lower cost and far higher scalability than anyone else in the market.


Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems


Single Token Mining Income Optimal Platform on #Heco and #BSC


Aircoins describes itself as augmented reality, cryptocurrency gaming, and marketing App available on both Android and IOS App stores. Users can hunt for and collect cryptocurrencies within an interactive, A.R environment based on geolocation similar to that of Pokemon Go but instead hunt for coins


$BOG BogTools is a token that powers deployable Smart Contracting Oracles with contract execution functionality powered by the Binance Smart Chain.

Spartan Protocol

The Spartan Protocol is a liquidity protocol for asset exchange and synthetic asset generation on Binance Smart Chain.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a multi cryptocurrency wallet that is able to operate as a DEX Wallet which can connect to decentralised exchanges.


BurgerSwap is a DeFi protocol running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It allows you to swap between tokens issued on BSC, and earn rewards for providing liquidity to these decentralized markets.

Juggernaut (JGN)

Juggernaut is a complete custom DeFi synthetics suite, governance, and NFT ecosystem + marketplace. We focus on the emerging non-commodity, custom DeFi synthetics market. We are transcending the traditional finance industry to enable the creation of new and innovative assets and making them accessible for everyone.


The #1 AMM on BSC by user count! Earn CAKE through yield farming or win it in the Lottery, then stake it in Syrup Pools to earn more tokens! Initial Farm Offerings (new token launch model pioneered by PancakeSwap), NFTs, and more, on a platform you can trust.


Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in decentralized identity and data.

ONTO Wallet

A self-sovereign data, cross-chain wallet that manages your own digital identities, data, and assets, designed for privacy.


Tenderly is an Ethereum monitoring, debugging and analytics platform. It empowers blockchain teams and individuals by providing a powerful Debugger, intuitive Gas Profiler, Transaction Simulations, Monitoring and Alerting capabilities, Advanced Analytics and so much more.


AllianceBlock is building the first globally compliant decentralized capital market. The AllianceBlock Protocol is a decentralized, blockchain-agnostic layer 2 that automates the process of converting any digital or crypto asset into a bankable product.

Cream Finance

C.R.E.A.M. Finance is a decentralized lending protocol.


BakerySwap is the 1st Automated Market Maker + NFT exchange on Binance Smart Chain.


Venus is a Decentralized Marketplace for Lenders and Borrowers with Borderless Stablecoins.

Dego Finance

Dego is a brand new development towards a sustainable Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem.


Based on The Force Protocol, ForTube is committed to providing decentralized lending services for cryptoasset enthusiasts around the world.

Block Create Art

Asia’s first rare digital art marketplace. Create, sell and collect digital art NFTs on #Ethereum and #BSC


Helmet is a Crypto-assets Insurance trading platform on both Ethereum and BSC

Bounce Finance

Bounce is a decentralized auction protocol that provides a competitive swap environment to unlock the potential of open finance.

Reef finance

The first cross-chain DeFi operating system.


An Integrated Platform for Decentralized Finance Protocols.


First Tokenized Crypto Hardware Wallet Backed by Binance.


On-chain decentralized exchange/liquidity provider for everyone, powered by Proactive Market Maker (PMM).

Coin98 Wallet

Coin98 Wallet is a non-custodial wallet used to store, send and receive multi-chain, multi-source digital assets. Coin98 Wallet has both Mobile App and Extension version, which becomes a gateway connecting users with the DeFi world.