Cryptocurrency regulation took a back seat in a recent speech by Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as he emphasized the significance of first focusing on the auditing of artificial intelligence (AI). Gensler emphasized that AI is a transformative technology with significant implications for markets and regulators, and staying abreast of its developments is crucial. However, he acknowledged that cryptocurrency regulation will follow once AI challenges are adequately addressed.

AI Auditing and its Impact on Financial Markets

Cryptocurrency Regulation Is The Next Target Of The Sec, After The Ai Audit

Gensler stressed that AI is one of the most transformative technologies of this generation, and it presents both challenges and opportunities for the financial system. He highlighted the potential risks of coordination, manipulation, bias, and accountability that AI could introduce in the market. The SEC must stay proactive in monitoring and regulating AI-related activities to ensure market integrity and investor protection.

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Cryptocurrency Regulation and the Lessons Learned

Gary Gensler, The Sec Chairman
Gary Gensler, The SEC Chairman

While addressing cryptocurrency regulation, Gensler emphasized the need to learn from past experiences. He pointed out that many decentralized finance (DeFi) projects claim to be decentralized but are controlled by a select few, leading to potential manipulation and misinformation. Gensler’s approach signals a willingness to address the evolving challenges posed by the cryptocurrency industry and to adopt a proactive regulatory stance.


Gary Gensler’s recent statements highlight the SEC’s recognition of the significance of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on financial markets. By prioritizing AI auditing, regulators aim to proactively address emerging risks and opportunities. While cryptocurrency regulation is on the horizon, learning from past experiences will be essential to ensure effective oversight and a balanced approach to this rapidly evolving industry. As the SEC adapts to the changing landscape of technology and finance, striking the right regulatory balance will be crucial to foster innovation while safeguarding investor interests.

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