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Binance Integrates Ethereum on zkSync Era Network: Airdrop Confirmed?

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Binance has unveiled the successful integration of Ethereum (ETH) onto the zkSync Era network, offering users a new dimension of efficiency and security. This integration opens doors to faster and more secure Ethereum transactions, addressing the growing need for enhanced security and privacy in the blockchain ecosystem.

zkPass Pre-alpha Testnet Opens for Public Testing 

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zkPass Pre-alpha Testnet is now open for public testing. Anyone can participate without a whitelist. zkPass is a privacy-preserving protocol for private data verification. It uses MPC, ZKP, and 3P-TLS to allow users to seamlessly and selectively generate zero-knowledge proofs of any private data from all HTTPS-based web sessions. For more details, visit here.

De.Fi Launches Crypto’s First Antivirus on zkSync Era 

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De.Fi released an antivirus tool on the zkSync Era blockchain to protect users against common crypto exploits, addressing one of the biggest risks in the crypto industry. Users can access the security tools by connecting their wallets or scanning smart contract addresses on the De.Fi platform. For more details, visit here.

SyncSwap 3in-1 Airdrop Strategy 

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Syncswap is a unique protocol that operates on the zkEVM chains, which include zkSyncEra, Linea, and Scroll. By using SyncSwap, you can make the most of airdrop chances in all three ecosystems. For a step-by-step guide to getting a 3in-1 airdrop, visit here.

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