• Starknet Outlines $STRK Distribution
  • EigenLayer to Add 6 LSTs and Raise Caps
  • Mantle Network Launches Liquid Staking Protocol
  • Complete Taiko Alpha-5 Jólnir Quests for Potential Airdrops


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Starknet Outlines $STRK Distribution

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Starknet has announced its plans for distributing STRK tokens. The plan includes an allocation of 1.8 billion tokens from its total supply of 10 billion. A provisions committee will distribute 900 million tokens to decentralize the network. Another 900 million STRK tokens are set aside for network rebates aimed at benefiting end users. A further 50 million tokens are designated for on-chain incentives. 

Starknet is also preparing to unveil additional plans focused on developers and dapps building on its ZK Rollup. Last week, the Starknet Foundation confirmed plans to distribute STRK tokens to selected users and contributors for their past activities.

EigenLayer to Add 6 LSTs and Raise Caps

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EigenLayer will add six new LSTs to its protocol starting on December 18th at 10am PT. The new LSTs include wBETH, osETH, swETH, AnkrETH, EthX, and oETH, which were the winners of EigenLayer’s LST race. The total number of LSTs supported by EigenLayer is now nine, joining rETH, cbETH, and wstETH. 

EigenLayer is also raising the restaking caps for LSTs. Starting from December 18th, the protocol will support deposits up to 200k ETH for each LST, with an overall TVL ceiling of 500k ETH. EigenLayer currently holds 115k ETH in LST deposits and 66k ETH in native restaking. There are no caps for native restaking.

Mantle Network Launches Liquid Staking Protocol


Mantle Network, an Ethereum-based optimistic rollup, has launched Mantle LSP, its liquid staking protocol. The protocol enables users to deposit ETH and receive mETH, a liquid staking token that accrues value. 

Mantle LSP is governed by Mantle’s MNT governance token and is integrated with the Mantle ecosystem. A commission fee of 10% is charged on mETH. Currently, ETH deposited into Mantle LSP is managed and staked by four node operators: Blockdaemon, P2P, A41, and StakeFish.

Complete Taiko Alpha-5 Jólnir Quests for Potential Airdrops


Taiko is an Ethereum-equivalent ZK-rollup, a protocol, and a platform to build dapps on, with low transaction fees. Taiko extends Ethereum without compromises and is open-source, permissionless, and decentralized from day one.

In this campaign, they guide new and old Taiko users to explore the Taiko ecosystem and get points for potential airdrops in the future. For a step-by-step guide, visit here.

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