LayerZero Labs, the pioneering team behind the blockchain messaging protocol LayerZero, has received a rumor that there will be no $LZO airdrop, raising concerns to rampant speculations. This unexpected declaration came during the Permissionless II conference, where a LayerZero representative addressed the audience with a straightforward message: “There’s no airdrop, guys. There’s no airdrop coming. There’s a lot of rumors, but there’s no airdrop coming.” While this revelation might leave some disappointed, they have simultaneously unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with Google Cloud that promises to reshape the landscape of Web3 interoperability.

Game-Changing Collaboration with Google Cloud

LayerZero Labs has set its sights on the future of Web3 interoperability, and their partnership with Google Cloud is a testament to their commitment. This collaboration aims to enhance the security and reliability of their cross-chain environment. Google Cloud will serve as their default oracle, bolstering the security of messages on the LayerZero network. This development is set to benefit developers building decentralized applications (dApps) on the network, as they can now utilize the Google Cloud oracle to verify transactions.

LayerZero is renowned for its interoperability protocol, facilitating seamless communication and data transfer between various blockchains without compromising security. A distinctive feature of the company is its array of oracles, each with its validation logic, responsible for securing cross-chain functionality for dApps. With LayerZero processing approximately 10 million messages per month, the Google Cloud oracle will play a crucial role in verifying messaging across 15 chains, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, BNB, and Avalanche.

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Google Cloud’s Role in Securing LayerZero’s Future

Layerzero &Amp; Google Cloud Partnership (Source: Bsc News)
Source: BSC News

Google Cloud’s involvement in securing the company’s messaging capabilities is a strategic move, leveraging Google Cloud’s decades-long expertise in security. The Labs’ CEO, Bryan Pellegrino, expressed confidence in this partnership, stating, “From inception, we designed LayerZero to provide ultimate optionality for a truly decentralized architecture. With LayerZero’s exponential growth to now handling more than 95% of all cross-chain messaging, Google Cloud is the perfect partner to act as the default oracle.”

To ensure a seamless user experience, the company has scaled its systems to handle over 40 billion monthly Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) calls, relying on Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine (BNE) for core RPC connections. Currently, they boast over 24,000 different contracts utilizing its omnichain infrastructure and has facilitated over $20 billion in bridged assets across its platform.

Disappointment Strikes as LayerZero No Airdrop Rumors

Earlier today, attendees at the Permissionless II conference were met with a stark revelation from a LayerZero representative. Amidst widespread anticipation and speculation, hopes for an airdrop were shattered as the speaker emphatically declared,

This announcement left many in the blockchain community in a state of disappointment, as the prospects of receiving free $LZO tokens had fueled excitement and discussions in recent weeks. However, this situation bears resemblance to the one involving Arbitrum, which also made a similar declaration of no airdrop, then confirmed in March 2023.


While the news of no airdrop may leave some in suspense, LayerZero’s collaboration with Google Cloud signifies a bold step forward in the realm of Web3 interoperability. The team, backed by leading venture capital firms, has made substantial progress since its launch, with the protocol recently valued at $3 billion. With Google Cloud as a trusted partner, they are poised to secure its place as a leader in the Web3 ecosystem, ensuring the continued growth and security of cross-chain messaging and decentralized applications. This collaboration is not only a testament to their dedication to Web3 but also an exciting development for the entire blockchain community.

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