In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrency, where tools and platforms continuously adapt to meet the needs of users, MetaMask has taken a remarkable leap forward. Introducing MetaMask Snaps to the public marks a pivotal achievement – a result of years of relentless dedication and pioneering research from our exceptionally skilled team.

The Snaps Thesis: A Vision for Flexible Ethereum Interfaces

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MetaMask Snaps is a groundbreaking system within the wallet that empowers users to enhance their wallet’s functionality in real time. Unlike traditional interfaces, which are typically developed and maintained by a single team, MetaMask Snaps takes a different approach. It opens the door to a flexible, extensible, and interconnected ecosystem. This visionary concept aligns with the essence of Ethereum and the broader world of computing, emphasizing the importance of versatile thinking tools.

For years, the crypto community has been striving to create an interface for Ethereum, a Turing-complete computer. However, this interface was often limited by its closed nature. MetaMask Snaps breaks free from these constraints by allowing the integration of additional features and capabilities as needed. This represents a significant step toward realizing the ideal wallet for Ethereum, one that adapts and grows with the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

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The MetaMask Snaps Story: A Community-Powered Approach

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Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of MetaMask Snaps is its commitment to community-driven solutions. With this system at the core of the wallet, they are extending a humble invitation to the community to contribute their solutions to the most challenging problems in the crypto space. While the team has its own ideas and opinions, they recognize the value of diverse perspectives. By lowering the barriers and costs associated with experimentation, MetaMask is accelerating progress in the crypto industry. This approach is not about technology for its own sake; it’s about discovering better ways of doing things.

Throughout the development of Snaps, the leading decentralized wallet forged valuable partnerships, including one with Agoric. This collaboration led to the creation of a JavaScript confinement API, proposed to the JS standards committee TC-39. It also resulted in the development of the Agoric Compartment shim, a key component of the Snaps system. This secure computing initiative aims to make software more open-ended and easily extendable, fostering a collaborative future for computing.

A New Chapter: Empowering Users and Developers


MetaMask Snaps is not merely a feature release; it represents a transformation in the product’s approach. By providing a foundation for safe extensibility, they are empowering users and developers to shape the wallet’s future. With the flexibility to open up APIs for specific parts of the wallet, the possibilities for innovation and user control are limitless. MetaMask acknowledges that they can’t do it all alone and welcomes the creative contributions of the community. This collaborative posture is essential in the journey to discover the best internet.

While the current Snaps system has certain limitations regarding permissionless extension, the company envisions a future of permissionless computing. The goal is to create a space that combines safety and user custodianship, breaking free from the binary choice between walled gardens and insecure but permissionless systems. The company invitee developers to experiment with this platform using Flask, their developer-centric distribution of MetaMask, and encourages them to contribute to this exciting vision.


MetaMask Snaps heralds a new era in Ethereum wallet flexibility and community-driven innovation. It represents a significant milestone in MetaMask’s journey and the broader evolution of the crypto space. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, MetaMask Snaps will play a crucial role in shaping the future of secure, user-centric computing. It’s a celebration of progress, a testament to teamwork, and an invitation to a collaborative future where the possibilities are boundless. The most exciting chapters in the MetaMask Snaps story are yet to be written, and the crypto community eagerly anticipates what the future holds.

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