If you are investing in crypto, you need to report your profits and losses to the IRS. A good crypto tax software can help you do that quickly and correctly. It can also save you time and money, and prevent you from getting into trouble with the tax authorities.

There are many crypto tax software options to choose from. These platforms have great features and benefits for solo taxpayers and tax professionals.

But how do you know which crypto tax tool is right for you? We’ll compare some of the best crypto tax software options for you. We’ll look at their features, pricing, and user experience to help you decide.

List of Best Crypto Tax Tracker Apps: Our Top Picks

  1. Koinly: Overall best crypto tax software
  2. CoinTracker: Best for NFT tax tracking
  3. CoinLedger: Best crypto tax software for beginners
  4. ZenLedger: Best Tax software free
  5. Accointing: Best Crypto Tax tool for DeFi
  6. Taxbit: Top crypto tax software for professionals
  7. CoinTracking: Leading Crypto Tax Tracker Software
  8. CryptoTaxCalculator: Best Crypto Tax Calculator
  9. TokenTax: Best Tax reporting tool for US users
  10. BitcoinTaxes: Best Bitcoin Tax Software
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Comparison Between Best Crypto Tax Software

SoftwareSupported exchangesFree PlanSupported countriesOur Rating
Koinly700+Only Portfolio Tracking20+4.8/5
CoinTracker500+Cost basis & capital gains54.7/5
CoinLedger250+Free Portfolio tracking10+4.6/5
ZenLedger500+Tax calculation up to 25 transactions7+4.6/5
Accointing400+File Up to 25 transactions for free7+4.5/5
Taxbit500+Only US4.4/5
CoinTracking110+200 transactions free10+4.4/5
CryptoTaxCalculator2900+100 transactions free20+4.3/5
BitcoinTaxes100+20 transactions free54/5

Best Crypto Tax Software Reviewed

These tax tracking tools are designed to simplify the entire tax reporting process, saving you time, reducing errors, and ensuring compliance with tax laws. Let’s discuss each one in detail.

Koinly: Overall Best crypto tax software

Koinly Overall Best Crypto Tax Software
  • Supported Crypto Platforms: 700+
  • Supported Countries: 20+
  • No. of Coin supported: 23,000+
  • Basic Pricing: $49 per tax year

Koinly can handle crypto taxes for more than 20 countries and various tax agencies like the IRS, HMRC, ATO, CRA, and others. You can quickly import your crypto data from 700+ sources, such as exchanges, crypto wallets, DeFi platforms, NFTs, futures, and margin trading.

Koinly uses AI to match transfers between your wallets and track your cost basis. It lets you see your capital gains for any tax year for free and monitor your portfolio performance on a dashboard.

You can also get ready-made IRS tax forms like Form 8949 and Schedule D, as well as audit-proof detailed tax reports. Koinly has a user-friendly interface that makes crypto tax reporting simple and fast.

Key Features of Koinly

  1. Import data from 700+ crypto exchanges and wallets including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc.
  2. Generate tax reports for 20+ jurisdictions that are audit-proof
  3. Track complex crypto activities such as staking, lending, and margin trading
  4. Preview your capital gains and portfolio for free
  5. It supports FIFO, LIFO, shared pooling (for the UK), etc. that have wash sale rules

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CoinTracker: Best For NFT tax tracking

Cointracker Best For Nft Tax Tracking
  • Supported Crypto Platforms: 500+
  • Supported Countries: 5
  • No. of Coin supported: 2,500+
  • Basic Pricing: $9 per tax year

Cointracker is a software that connects to your crypto accounts and shows you how much you owe in taxes and how well your portfolio is doing. You can choose from over 2,500 crypto assets and 500+ exchanges and wallets to track. You can also use CoinTracker’s mobile apps to monitor your portfolio.

The software makes filing crypto taxes easy and accurate. You can get your tax forms ready in minutes and send them to TurboTax or your accountant.

CoinTracker works with Coinbase, Binance, TrustWallet, and other big names in crypto. It also helps you save money by finding the best way to calculate your cost basis and by letting you harvest your tax losses.

It has more than 1 million users around the world who trust it with their crypto data. CoinTracker is very secure and does not keep your private keys or access tokens. You can use CoinTracker for free if you have fewer than 10k+ transactions in a year.

Key features of CoinTracker

  1. Auto sync with unlimited exchanges and wallets
  2. It enables you to save money by tax-loss harvesting
  3. Handle all your NFTs in one place
  4. Free crypto portfolio tracker (up to 10k+ transactions)

CoinLedger: Best crypto tax software for beginners

Coinledger Best Crypto Tax Software For Beginners
  • Supported Crypto Platforms: 250+
  • Supported Countries: 10+ including USA and Australia
  • No. of Coin supported: 20,000+
  • Basic Pricing: $49 per tax year

CoinLedger can handle more than 20,000 coins and connect with many platforms. You can import your trades from your wallets and exchanges. You can also see your portfolio and your net capital gains and losses.

It makes tax reports that follow the tax rules of your country. You can get your reports in different formats and use them with your filing software.

CoinLedger works well with TurboTax, the biggest tax platform in the US. You can also save money on your taxes by using the CoinLedger crypto tax harvesting feature.

The software has different plans based on how many trades you have in a tax season. You can use CoinLedger for free and pay only when you want to see your full tax report. It also gives you your money back if you don’t like the service within 14 days.

Key Features of CoinLedger

  1. Import data using API autos-sync or CSV files upload
  2. 4+ tax software integration including TurboTax, TaxAct, TaxSlayer, etc.
  3. Error reconciliation in crypto transactions
  4. Track yield farming, staking, NFTs, borrowing, and other DeFi activities

ZenLedger: Crypto Tax Software Free

Zenledger Crypto Tax Software Free
  • Supported Crypto Platforms: 500+
  • Supported Countries: 7+ (including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the European Union)
  • No. of Coin supported: depends on an integrated platform
  • Basic Pricing: $49/year starter plan (up to 100 transactions)

ZenLedger can import and track transactions from more than 400 exchanges, including over 100 DeFi protocols and 10 NFT platforms. It can handle various sources of data, such as coins, tokens, wallets, blockchains, and fiat currencies.

The software can determine the gains and losses of each transaction as well as generate crypto tax reports for each year. It can also create different tax forms, such as Form 8949, Schedule D, Schedule 1, FBAR, FATCA, and TurboTax CSV.

ZenLedger is a partner of TurboTax. Users can quickly transfer their transactions from ZenLedger to TurboTax for filing.

It also has a tax-loss harvesting tool that helps users save money and trade smarter by finding opportunities to lower their taxable income.

Key Features of ZenLedger

  1. Tax loss harvesting tools
  2. It offers crypto tax reports by professionals if asked.
  3. Crypto tax calculations with DeFi, staking, and NFTs.
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Supportive customer care staff

Accointing (by Glassnode): Best Crypto Tax Tool for DeFi

Accointing By Glassnode Best Crypto Tax Tool For Defi
  • Supported Crypto Platforms: 400+
  • Supported Countries: 7 (United States, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, etc.)
  • No. of Coin supported: 20,000+
  • Basic Pricing: $49/year (up to 100 transactions)

Accointing is a free crypto tax software that lets you track up to 25 transactions and generate a tax report for free. You can also access it from your phone or tablet.

With Accointing, you can easily import all your crypto transactions from over 400 sources, including exchanges, wallets, DeFi platforms, and NFTs. You can also monitor your portfolio and transaction history in real time across the crypto market.

Accointing can help you prepare your crypto tax reports using FIFO, LIFO, or HIFO methods based on the crypto tax rules of different countries. You can also explore the crypto market, set up alerts, learn about popular tokens, and share your custom token lists on Twitter.

Key Features of Accointing

  1. Free crypto tax calculator
  2. Import your transactions using API connections or CSV files
  3. Historical data import
  4. Track ICOs, Mining, Airdrops, Rewards, Staking, and more
  5. Real-time crypto portfolio tracking

Taxbit: Top crypto tax software for professionals

Taxbit Top Crypto Tax Software For Professionals
  • Supported Crypto Platforms: 500+
  • Supported Countries: only US users
  • No. of Coin supported: 10,000+
  • Basic Pricing: $50/year (up to 250 transactions)

Taxbit is another platform that helps you with crypto tax and accounting. You can use it for free if you are an individual who wants to file your crypto taxes correctly and easily. You can also use it if you are a crypto business that needs to follow tax reporting and accounting rules.

It lets you connect your data from more than 500 platforms, such as crypto exchanges, DeFi sites, and NFT marketplaces. Taxbit figures out the tax effects of every deal and makes IRS Forms 8949 and Income reports that you can send to popular tax filing software or an accountant.

Taxbit is the best solution for compliance and reporting for the digital economy. It works with some of the top crypto companies in the world, like Uphold, Gemini, BlockFi, and Voyager. Taxbit is also SOC2 certified, which means it is very secure and private.

Key Features of Taxbit

  1. Tax minimization strategies to optimize your portfolio value and tax liability
  2. Free plan for individual taxpayers
  3. Integration with TurboTax software
  4. Easy integrations across popular exchanges

CoinTracking: Leading Crypto Tax Tracker Software

Cointracking Leading Crypto Tax Tracker Software
  • Supported Crypto Platforms: 110+
  • Supported Countries: 10+
  • No. of Coin supported: 25,000+
  • Basic Pricing: 9.99 EUR per month (up to 3,500 transactions)

CoinTracking has been the leading crypto portfolio tracker and tax calculator since 2013. It has more than 1.3 million active users, 25,000 CPAs and corporate clients, 14 years of historical data, and a $41.5 billion total value of all portfolios.

You can easily import your data from more than 110 exchanges and wallets, track your portfolio in real-time, and customize your dashboard with charts and reports. You can also get 25 different crypto reports, 13 tax methods, and tax reviews from the full-service team. CoinTracking covers coins, tokens, NFTs, and DeFi.

CoinTracking is good for both beginners and experienced traders. Beginners can use it for free if they have 200 or fewer trades in the year. Experienced traders can enjoy the best exchange API integration, support for legacy and closed exchanges, and professional guidance from crypto tax experts.

Key Features of CoinTracking

  1. International tax reports
  2. Automatic import via APIs
  3. Accurate Profit/loss & Audit reports
  4. High data security and API encryption
  5. Auto sync with the blockchain networks

CryptoTaxCalculator: Best Crypto Tax Calculator

Cryptotaxcalculator Best Crypto Tax Calculator
  • Supported Integration Sources: 2900+
  • Supported Countries: 20+
  • No. of Coin supported: Coins on 87 blockchains
  • Basic Pricing: $99 per year (up to 1000 transactions)

CryptoTaxCalculator has the backing of Coinbase Ventures and supports 827 protocols on 87 chains, such as Ethereum, Solana, Arbitrum, and more.

It can import and categorize all kinds of complex crypto trading activity, like NFTs, DeFi, and DEX trading. It can also create detailed tax reports that you can easily send to your tax authorities or import into other tax software.

CryptoTaxCalculator uses AI to give you smart suggestions for categorizing transactions, finding spam tokens, and dealing with negative balances. It is the only tax software made for Web3 and can handle smart contracts, gas fees, LP tokens, bridging, lending, borrowing, and more.

CryptoTaxCalculator lets you do up to 100 transactions for free and has a 4.8/5 rating from its users. It is trusted by over 150,000 crypto investors and is featured in many media outlets.

Key Features of CryptoTaxCalculator

  1. Uses AI to suggest smart categories for transactions,
  2. Find missing imports and complete data accuracy
  3. Built for web3 with unique features, like ERC-721, ERC-1155, gas fees, bridging, etc.
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Up to 100 transactions free plan

TokenTax: Best Tax reporting tool for US users

Tokentax Best Tax Reporting Tool For Us Users
  • Supported platforms: 350+
  • Supported Countries: 5+ (US, UK, Canada, and many more)
  • No. of Coin supported: 6,000+
  • Basic Pricing: $65 per year (up to 500 transactions)

TokenTax works with many kinds of crypto activities, like trading, mining, staking, DeFi, and NFTs. It connects with many platforms and wallets to get and check your data. It also makes tax forms and reports that you can use for filing or planning.

The software has plans for different kinds of users, from casual to serious. You can use the software by yourself or get help from a team of crypto tax experts. TokenTax also has features like TurboTax integration and a tax loss harvesting dashboard to make the tax process easier and more efficient.

TokenTax has good reviews from its customers. They like its smooth integration, helpful customer service, and great features.

Key Features of TokenTax

  1. Easy data import and form generation
  2. Tax loss harvesting tools for minimizing taxes
  3. TokenTax’s in-house team of tax professionals file your tax returns for you
  4. Easily handle your DeFi transactions and NFT trades for tax purposes

BitcoinTaxes: Best Bitcoin Tax Software

Bitcointaxes Best Bitcoin Tax Software
  • Supported platforms: Coinbase, Gemini, Bitstamp, Kraken, Binance, KuCoin, Crypto.com, and more
  • Supported Countries: 5 including the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom
  • No. of Coin supported: depends on an integrated platform
  • Basic Pricing: $49.95 per year (up to 1000 transactions)

BitcoinTaxes can help you calculate your capital gains and losses and give you the forms you need to file your taxes. You can enter or import your transactions from the platforms and wallets you have used, as well as any spending, donations, mining, or income from crypto.

BitcoinTaxes can deal with complicated situations such as trading on different platforms, dividing the cost-basis into multiple parts, and finding the fair market value of your income. You can get the sales of assets as CSVs, 8949 PDF, 8949 attachable statements, or imports for Drake and CCH.

It also has an audit defense service if you get an IRS audit for one or more tax years. You can protect yourself from an IRS audit with a tax lawyer that can act as your representative before the IRS, answer IRS letters or audits, match missing or unreported transactions, and defend you from possible federal crimes.

Key Features of BitcoinTaxes

  1. Calculate capital gains and losses
  2. Import historical data and transactions
  3. Use FIFO, LIFO, average costing, or specific identification
  4. Track your margin trading profits and losses on Kraken
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What are the criteria for choosing the best crypto tax software?

Compatibility: You need crypto tax software that can link to all your sources of crypto income and transactions. This means it can connect to your exchanges, wallets, addresses, etc., and sync your data automatically. This will make your tax filing easier and faster. You also need software that can handle many transactions without any issues.

Trustworthiness: The crypto tax software must be up to date with the tax rules and laws in your country and has a good reputation among users and experts. You can check the feedback, ratings, testimonials, and endorsements from reliable sources to verify the quality and reliability of the software.

Cost or Price: The crypto tax tracker tool must offer a fair and clear pricing model that fits your budget and needs. You should compare the features, benefits, and limitations of different plans and packages. You should also look for discounts, coupons, or referral programs that can help you save some money.

Benefits: You need crypto tax software that offers some extra benefits that can improve your crypto tax experience.

For example, you may want software that offers:

  1. A simple and user-friendly interface and dashboard that is easy to use and understand
  2. Detailed tax report that covers all aspects of your crypto income and transactions
  3. The customer support team is helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable
  4. A security system that protects your data and privacy
  5. Refund policy that guarantees your satisfaction
  6. A free trial or demo mode where you can try the software before buying it
  7. Additional features such as audit assistance, portfolio tracking, tax optimization, etc.

How do crypto taxes work?

Cryptocurrency is a type of property in the US. The IRS taxes it like other capital assets. You sell or trade cryptocurrency and make gains or losses. You have to pay taxes on them. You earn income from mining and staking cryptocurrency. You have to pay taxes on that too.

How long you hold your cryptocurrency and your adjusted gross income (AGI) matter. They affect the amount of tax you pay. You’ve held your cryptocurrency for less than a year. The gains are taxed as short-term capital gains. They are the same as your regular income tax rate.

You’ve held your cryptocurrency for more than a year. The gains are taxed as long-term capital gains. They are lower than your regular income tax rate for most filers.

You report your cryptocurrency transactions to the IRS. You may need to use several forms. They include Form 1040, Form 1099-NEC, Form 8949, and Schedule D. You may also need to keep records of your transactions. They include receipts, invoices, and exchange statements.

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What is a Crypto Tax Software?

Crypto tax software is a tool that helps you with your taxes for your cryptocurrency assets. It syncs with your exchanges and wallets and gathers your crypto transactions. It computes your profit and loss from crypto trading, your capital gains or losses, and your deductions on expenses.

It simplifies your tax filing at the end of the year by automating data collection and tax report generation. It also helps you follow the tax rules of your country or region.

Risks of Using Crypto Tax Software

  1. Data breaches: Your personal and crypto data could be exposed to malicious actors if the software is hacked or compromised.
  2. Miscalculations: The software might not correctly compute your tax liabilities, which could expose you to fines and penalties.
  3. Poor reporting standards: The IRS might not have access to your crypto income or activities if they are not properly reported by the parties involved.
  4. Crypto transaction diversity: Crypto presents a significant difficulty due to its various sources (i.e., crypto mining, trading, staking, etc.) and different tax implications.
  5. Unclear and evolving regulations: The tax rules for digital assets are still developing and ambiguous, which could create confusion and inconsistency.

Benefits of Using Crypto Tax Software

  1. Time and Cost Savings: You can save time and money by using crypto tax software. It does the tax calculations and files crypto taxes for you. You can focus on other crypto endeavors.
  2. Portfolio Management and Analysis: Track and analyze your digital assets performance by using crypto tax software. It monitors your crypto activities across multiple exchanges, platforms, and wallets. It provides you with insights and analytics.
  3. Tax Loss Harvesting: You can find the opportunity of selling your coins in losses and reduce your overall capital gains.


The best crypto tax software programs streamline the process of calculating and reporting your crypto taxes, saving you time and effort. It ensures accurate and compliant filings. This allows you to focus on your investments without the stress of complex tax obligations.

When selecting crypto tax software, consider factors like accuracy, user-friendliness, security, and affordability. The software should accurately calculate your tax liabilities and have a user-friendly interface for importing and categorizing your crypto data.

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What is the best crypto tax software tool?

Different crypto tax software tools may suit different users depending on their features, pricing, and user interfaces. 

Some of the popular and top crypto tax software tools in the market are Koinly, CoinTracking, CoinTracker, TurboTax, TokenTax, Accointing, ZenLedger, and TaxBit.

How much does a crypto tax software cost?

The cost of a crypto tax software tool depends on various factors, such as the number of transactions, the number of tax reports, the level of features, and the type of plan that you choose. 

Some crypto tax software tools offer free plans or trials for a limited number of transactions or reports, while others charge a flat fee or a subscription fee based on your usage. You need to pay a high price for unlimited transactions.

Is crypto tax software safe to use?

Crypto tax software tools are generally safe to use, as they use encryption, authentication, and other security measures to protect your data and privacy. 

However, you should always exercise caution and due diligence when using any online service that handles your sensitive information. 

Some of the steps that you can take to ensure your safety are:

  1. Read the terms of service, privacy policy, and security policy of the crypto tax software tool that you choose
  2. Use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication for your accounts
  3. Use reputable and regulated exchanges and wallets that have high-security standards
  4. Avoid sharing your API keys or CSV files with anyone or any service that you do not trust
  5. Review your transaction data and tax reports for any errors or discrepancies
  6. Keep backups of your data and reports in case of any loss or damage

How to generate a crypto tax report in tracking software?

  1. Connect your crypto exchange, wallet, and blockchain that you use for your crypto activities with the tool using API keys or CSV files
  2. Sync your transaction data with the tool and review it for any errors or missing information
  3. Choose your tax jurisdiction, currency, accounting method, and tax year that you want to generate a report for
  4. Generate your crypto tax report with the tool and download it in PDF or CSV format
  5. Review your report for any errors or discrepancies and make any necessary adjustments
  6. File your report with your tax authority or import it into your preferred tax filing software.

Who should use crypto tax software tools?

Anyone who engages in any taxable crypto-related activities should use crypto tax software to calculate and report their taxes. 

Taxable crypto-related activities include but are not limited to:

  1. Buying and selling crypto for fiat or other crypto
  2. Trading crypto on exchanges or platforms
  3. Swapping or exchanging crypto for other crypto or tokens
  4. Mining, staking, lending, or earning crypto as income or rewards
  5. Receiving crypto as a gift, donation, or inheritance
  6. Spending crypto for goods or services
  7. Airdrops, forks, splits, or mergers of crypto
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