Recently, Sei Network has officially confirmed that the network will spend 1% of the total supply to airdrop to users as a worthy reward for participants who contribute to the network.

However, this Airdrop is a bit different from other Airdrops in the market.


Sei Network confirms Airdrop for users

Sei is considered one of the most developed community development projects at the moment. Accordingly, Sei Network commits to deduct 1% of the total supply to airdrop for users to join the testnet and experience the network early.

KYC to get Airdrop

According to an announcement on May 27, Sei Network, a Layer 1 blockchain project, announced to use the BotBasher feature, to verify the member’s identity in the Discord social channel.

BotBasher is a feature provided by a third party called Humanode, which verifies the user’s identity through facial recognition. In order to distinguish bots from real people in social media, Sei requires users to verify via BotBasher to receive the “Verified-Seilor” role.

Impact on the market

Surely Sei Network requires KYC to receive Airdrop will cause certain controversy for users. However, from TK Research’s point of view, requiring KYC will bring more benefits than disadvantages to Sei Network itself as well as a Crypto project in general.

KYC will completely eliminate teams of “bounty hunters” who specialize in using bots, or plowing a lot of wallets to increase the number of valid wallets. Although they all contribute to the operation of the network, doing so will throw the network’s metrics out of balance, affecting the judgment of the network builders.

Besides, the Crypto market is a market that always upholds “Decentralization”. With KYC to receive such an Airdrop, Sei Network ensures the fairness of rewards for those who actually participate and contribute during the project experience.

The more people receive the valid Airdrop, which proves that Sei has succeeded in bringing Sei Network to the Crypto market, instead of only a few people who benefit from the “plowing the Airdrop”.