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Cryptodaily Admin: Hey hey hey! How’s everybody doing today? Welcome back to another AMA with AVAXDaily. I’m Daley and I will be your host for today. I’m joined by Mr. Mert Solak  and Mr. Sercan from the NFDNA project!

Good day to you! Are you feeling good guys?

Mr. Sercan: Hey guys 👋 We’re doing great! How about you guys ?

Mr. Mert Solak : Hey hello everyone. Thanks, hope you are good 🙂

Cryptodaily Admin: Good to see you all here 😁This is a treat cause I initially thought there would only be Mr. Mert here today

Mr. Mert Solak : First of all, thank you for this event

Cryptodaily Admin: It’s our pleasure, NFDNA seems like a really cool project with prospective utilities and I think the people can not wait any longer to get to know you guys better. Are you ready to start?

Mr. Mert Solak : Ready to start mate, waiting for the hardest questions ever 😉

Q1: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Mr. Mert Solak : Sure. I’m Mert Solak, the founder and the CEO of the NFDNA collection. We are a game development studio in Turkey. As a team, we are working for around 12 years together and everyone has around 15 years of experience in game development. We have developed many mobile, PC, and browser games before. To get more details about our team, you can see our doxxed team in our discord channel.

Cryptodaily Admin: And here’s the link once again:

Q2: What is NFDNA all about? And why did you and your team decide to build NFDNA?

Mr. Mert Solak : The NFDNA is an NFT collection that has been generated by real sexual reproduction simulation and meiosis. It includes chromosome and gene data like real. To achieve this, we worked with some biologists while we were preparing for the project

Why did we decide to build NFDNA?

The NFDNA is a fundamental step for our upcoming gaming universe. It gives allocation from Private Sales and ICOs of our games. Also, it provides the NFT re-cycling feature and DAO to our games by providing two different coins ($CMTD and $DNA). We can say that the NFDNA is a seed investment in our products and handle some special duties (such as recycling of all games’ NFTs) of our games

Cryptodaily Admin: So the NFDNA is just the start of a greater picture that you and your team has to offer

Mr. Mert Solak : Exactly, NFDNA is the first step for our gaming universe, and Whale Islands will be the second step.

Q3: The NFDNA Architecture really excites me, please tell us more about it.

Mr. Mert Solak : We have a triangle token architecture and there are 2 utilities for each token

To put it simpler:

1. By staking NFDNA you earn $CMTD

2. By holding $CMTD you get allocation from private sales and ICOs of our games

3. By using $CMTDs (need consumed dead NFTs from our games as well) you earn $DNA

4. You can burn $DNA to breed (need 2 NFDNA) OR you an burn $DNA to participate in in-game DAO events

So here NFDNA covers our games’ DAOs, NFT recycling and seed investment round

Q4: Are there any other benefits of holding NFDNA?

Mr. Mert Solak : Well, yes NFDNA holders will get some airdrops from our first game Whale Islands. We have some great partnerships with other NFT collections as well. For an NFDNA holder, it can be useful anytime 😉 But basically, NFDNA will be our launchpad and DAO platform

Q5: Let’s dive into your tokens $CMTD and $DNA. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of the use cases?

Mr. Mert Solak : Sure let me explain them one by one. $CMTD is an allocation token for our games. There will be 10 million of $CMTD tokens and all distributions will be made equally in 24 months. Marketing, liq, partnerships and operations will be enabled each month. Staking rewards will be distributed in block time. And no burning feature for $CMTD

For $DNA, it is unlimited but will be burnt in every breeding event and DAO elections. So to vote in in-game DAOs, players will burn some amount of $DNA

As a small example: Let’s say you stake NFDNA and earn 1000 $CMTD. You get $100 allocation from private sale and a $400 allocation from the ICO of Whale Islands. Numbers are placeholders. When you play the game, you consume NFTs and you want to vote in in-game DAO to take some advantages. You will need to burn consumed NFTs + provide X amount of $CMTD to the treasury. You get $DNA coin and by burning them you can vote

This is an example case of use $CMTD + $DNA

Cryptodaily Admin: And the staking rewards will be in $CMTD also?

Mr. Mert Solak : That’s right, when you stake NFDNA – you earn $CMTD

Cryptodaily Admin: Other NFT games, they mostly choose to burn their tokens, but $CMTD does not, can you elaborate?

Mr. Mert Solak : Yes, because we’ll release more than 1 game. That’s why $CMTD will always be useful, for the people who want to participate in Private Sales and ICOs of our products. So we are not building one game, I think this is the difference. We are building “Gaming Universe”

Q6: You’re having two P2E Games coming up, so what can we expect from these games? Will they be VR/AR compatible since you also founded Dreamharvesters?

Mr. Mert Solak : We don’t have VR/AR in the plan. We’ll have more than 2 games and all our games will work in the same universe. For example, Viceroy is a city-building game and Whale Islands is a trading game

While Viceroy players consume and produce goods (like wood, iron), Whale Islands players will be able to trade them between Viceroy players. When a Viceroy player puts a good to the market, Whale Islands players will see it and trade. For our other upcoming games, this vision will be kept.

Sounds different and interesting, right? 😁

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah it does wth haha. Can’t imagine other games being implemented to increase interaction among players. That’s promising, all sounds very captivating

Mr. Mert Solak : We are coming to change the ecosystem

Q7: So apparently, there’s a “dead NFT”, which can be used in a reincarnation lab to create $DNA. Where is this “dead NFT” coming from?

Mr. Mert Solak : We have some NFTs in our games. Like in Whale Islands, you can get crew members (machinist, guards, scuba divers etc) as NFT. Each crew member has special skills you can use in the game. They have age properties and when they die, the player can not use them. So you can recycle and earn $DNA. We think we’ll have partnerships with other collections in that sense.

Because it is really useful for so many projects as we heard. So we call them dead NFTs, you can’t use them anymore. So it has no utility after they die. Think of them as consumable items in traditional game designs.

Cryptodaily Admin: Got it! but then these ones can be used to create $DNA even after death

Mr. Mert Solak : That’s right

Q8: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2022 as a whole?

Mr. Mert Solak : Our schedule is full of development. We have developed 70% of Whale Islands and we’ll start incentivized testnet after 2-3 weeks. As a guest, you can move around in our testnet version at the moment. It is a development build and we share the link in our DC already. Our DC members tasted it 😉 In 3 months, Whale Islands will be playable on mainnet and we’ll be having our testnet for Viceroy. Since our team is experienced in game development, we are moving very fast from a technical perspective. Hope to see you in our testnet as well ✌️

Cryptodaily Admin: Hey if it doesn’t require anything, I’m in haha. I love myself an RPG game

Q9: Where can we find out more about NFDNA?

Mr. Mert Solak : We are always active in our DC and Twitter. We have a great community at the moment. I’ll leave the links here now to get in touch

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with NFDNA 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Mr. Mert Solak : Thank you for this great event. For the people who are looking for answers still, welcome our DC. Thanks ❤️

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for being here Mr. Mert Solak ! Take care 🙌

Mr. Mert Solak : Take care guys

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