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BSCDaily Admin: Hello everyone! Today we have Ms.Jolie and Mr.VuHN from the Warena project coming to our community

How are you doing guys?

Ms.Jolie: I’m great. So excited to e-meet you all


BSCDaily Admin: Fantastic! And I suppose Mr.VuHN is feeling great also?

Mr.VuHN: I’m great too

BSCDaily Admin: Alright I’m excited for today’s AMA with Warena and I think the people can’t wait much longer. Shall we begin the AMA?

Ms.Jolie: sure let’s go 💪

Mr.VuHN: Yub… Let’s go 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗

Q1: What is Warena all about? Give us a little summary

Ms.Jolie: Inspired by Blockchain Technology and capturing the global NFT trend, WARENA is an ingenious combination of the two latest gaming developments: Play-to-Earn and Metaverse. Anyone in the WARENA ecosystem can enjoy countervailing strategy gameplay within our vast, super-realistic Metaverse, earning at the same time, digital incomes. Tokens collected during the gameplay contribute to the WARENA ecosystem, and these tokens can later be converted into NFTs.

Using AI-Personalization technology, WARENA allows players to create their own unique characters, and is customizable to a deep level, including character avatar, warrior attributions, munitions, gear, and skills. This provides a highly realistic experience throughout one’s adventures. Within the WARENA Metaverse, players also can meet, interact, and battle with other characters from other ‘Universes’ such as Axie Infinity, My Defi Pet, Cat Gunner, and much more.

WARENA is not your typical NFT game. Our players get to immerse themselves in their character and engage in thrilling action-survival gameplay.

BSCDaily Admin: Wow, all sounds really exciting. But what is the game genre of Warena? Is it a FPS?

Mr.VuHN: For easy visualization and description:

– The 2D gameplay will be like Plant and Zombies – a simple game format that makes it accessible to a large number of players.

– The 3D gameplay will be like GTA compiling lots of modes with a low poly style. First step of us is a survival game.

BSCDaily Admin: So are you saying that Warena is going to integrate the 2 game modes: 2D and 3D all together in the future? Or are those going to be 2 different games in the Warena metaverse?

Ms.Jolie: About gameplay, this will be separated like 2 modes in 1 game. An interesting thing is that you can use NFTs and tokens from 2D gameplay for both 3D gameplay 😉

BSCDaily Admin: Nice 🤩 Warena is versatile in terms of gameplay, this could be huge since it can attract people with different taste in games.

Q2: Could you also introduce us to the Team behind Warena? What experiences do you have and are you a public Team?

Ms.Jolie: thank you 🥰

We are a team of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences in many fields: blockchain, games development, art, and marketing. We’ve teamed up together to create Warena – a project that highlights the advent of a new era of gaming. With the help of blockchain technology, gamers can finally enter a symbiotic relationship with the games that they participate in.


Minh Doan – Blockchain Advisor, Warena’s Blockchain Advisor/Incubator

– Cofounder of MassBit

– GP at

– Ex-cofounder of Harmony ONE

– Google Tech Lead

– Phd Candidate in Computer Science

Vu Hoang – Project Tech Lead

Managed and developed some games / NFT games like:

– Robot Defense

– Cat Gunner

Lam La – Game designer

Game Designer on several projects in the Japanese and Korean market:

– Marvel: War of Heroes (Card battle game by DeNA x Disney)

– Sangokushi Royale (Card battle game by DeNA with Three Kingdom theme)

– Drift Spirits (Car racing game from BANDAI NAMCO)

– Blade II: the Return of Evil (ARPG game published by Kakao)

– And now, happy to be a part of Warena

Dallin Nguyen – Senior Unity Game Developer

– Has been a game developer for quite a long time

– Started using unity in 2012, then many other game engines

– Has an overall background knowledge of many platforms, front end to back end, but still, unity is the framework used most

Sandy Tran – Marketing Manager

5 years of experience in Marketing in the Blockchain industry

3 years working with High-Tech/Blockchain projects from the United States

Bachelor of Science in Marketing & Finance, Master of Science in Marketing Analytics

Managed NFT game projects including Cat Gunner

Mr.VuHN: On the other hand, our partners have worked with us to deliver innovative, effective and successful projects and programmes – their support is vital in achieving our mission and vision.

BSCDaily Admin: Do you want to introduce us to some of your partners also?

Mr.VuHN: We got backed by Genesisbuilders, Master Ventures, Dao Maker, M6, Animoca. They are all well known in the crypto market where Dao Maker and Paid Network are very selective to pick projects to launch IDO. Animoca is the leading investor of gamefi.

The project is the collaboration of, d2mstudios, and ncc softwaren agency and each collaborator has a lot of experience in their expertise. Genesisbuilders members are the core-members of harmony ONE. d2mstudios has built many games with more than 2m users. has developed many applications launched in the UK and US.

BSCDaily Admin: Well well well, it’s an honour to have Mr.VuHN – the project lead of Warena here with us

But I don’t think I see Ms.Jolie’s name on the list, do you want to introduce a few things about yourself also?

Ms.Jolie: I’m Ms.Jolie Tran and work as a Marketing Specialist for WARENA. I bring 7 years of marketing experience to the table, and a similar level of experience to my team when I play League of Legends. I am a Candy Crush aficionado and recently have fallen in love with Axie Infinity.

I like to think of myself as a Witch-class type character, weaving magic spells over my marketing campaigns.

WARENA is going to be something special, and I love interacting with our large network of collaborators, and the game vision is just awesome.


BSCDaily Admin: Not too shabby Ms.Jolie 🙌

Impressive Team I must say

Q3:  Why did you and your team decide to build Warena?

Ms.Jolie: Our project members are all game enthusiasts, manga and anime lovers.

We want Warena to be financially viable  but also a place where we and others can create and fulfill dreams.

Applying blockchain technology, we hope to bring long-term value to players and projects.

Players should not just have to spend money to enjoy a game, they should also earn money from it.

In this way we believe that by investing in the long-term and expanding metaverse the entire WARENA community will benefit.


BSCDaily Admin: Absolutely, ever since we have Blockchain + Games, it opens “doors” of opportunities for players, to not just enjoy but also to earn! Especially, Warena seems like a game with interesting gameplay, I think you guys are here for the long-term and it’s going to worth the investment (not a financial advise of course)

Q4: Let’s dive into your tokens $WARE. Just then you guys were having Pancakeswap’s listing right? Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of the $WARE use cases?

Ms.Jolie: Yes, we had noti with everyone yesterday:

Great tokenomic design is essential for creating great blockchain games. The games’ tokenomics need to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Create a balanced and enjoyable gameplay challenge for players
  2. Ensure this challenge is preserved when players can trade in-game assets with each other
  3. Ensure game tokens have prices that translate in-game successes into financial payoffs
  4. Create a game that puts the players’ interests first

To meet these objectives Warena takes inspiration from leaders in the crypto gaming space and employs a dual-token design:

  1. The WARE token will mainly be used for gameplay mechanics, and serves as the dedicated off-ramp that allows players to transform their gameplay wins into a financial benefit
  2. The RENA token will have some limited gameplay interactions, but will mainly be used for a separate set of governance and staking utilities, that help ensure the community has a say in governance and shares in the project’s overall success

This setup offers Warena the flexibility to optimize gameplay reward mechanics with the WARE token, and evolve these further as new game features roll out.

You can read more at:

Mr.VuHN: Trade on PancakeSwap:

👀 Dextools:

🦎 GeckoTerminal:

📈 Poocoin:

☔️ WARE/BNB Liquidity:

🔐 $WARE Token Address: 0x9de8418f314e888946C4220671D3d94E448bcD33

Q5: So what have Warena achieved since? Are there any impressive milestones?

Ms.Jolie: WARENA has gone on an impressive journey with many important milestones:

🌟 IDO $RENA succeeded & Reached ATH $11

🌟 Listed on some major exchanges: Pancakeswap, MEXC, Gate

🌟 Hosted a hold-to-earn program (From Holder to Warrior) & opened 4 RENA staking pools on Gate

🌟 Launched the 2nd Beta test, Pre-launch 2D game – Web version & Mobile version with many improvements in gameplay, features, graphics. These efforts received a lot of positive support from the community.

🌟 Combined with Illuvium on event Cosplay NFT Giveaway Limited Version

🌟 Unveiled WARENA’s first metaverse world – Emporia

🌟 Updated New Website – New Roadmap – New Journey

🌟 Launched Ambassador program

🌟 Sold the first 7200 Mystery NFT Boxes on BinanceNFT & gave away over 100 boxes

And there’s a lot of always-on events for our community 😉

BSCDaily Admin: And how long have Warena been in development?

Mr.VuHN: Since Q2-2021, We start Warena project after planning details

You can check our road map for more information

Q6: So after taking a look at your roadmap, Warena is about to be officially released, do you want to talk about it?

Mr.VuHN: Yes, we are very pleased to announce that January 19 will be one of the most important events of WARENA: THE OFFICIAL RELEASE OF THE 2D GAME! 🔥🔥🔥

Please look forward to it 🤩

To join Warena, all you need is our Warrior NFTs.

There are 2 places where you can get WARENA NFTs:

1. Warena Boxes and NFTs on Binance

– Purchase on BinanceNFT in the Mystery Box tab, find “warena” keyword

– Redeem the NFT from Binance on Warena Marketplace starts on Jan 17th

– Can sell on BinanceNFT and Warena Marketplace

2. Warena Boxes and NFTs on Marketplace

– Purchase on Warena Marketplace

– Whitelist Sale on Jan 12th, 1 PM UTC with 50% discount price

– Public Sale on Jan 18th, 1 PM UTC

– Can sell on Warena Marketplace from Feb 9th

Trading time for all Boxes and NFTs on Warena Marketplace starts on Feb 9th

Q7: What do you and the devs expect from this official release of Warena? And what do you think about the community’s reaction?

Mr.VuHN: We would like the community to enjoy the game as much as we do and will provide our community as much technical support as possible. The 2D Game has been improvised a lot according to all of our members’ feedback.

We understand it might not be perfect yet and would need more time to develop to its fullest potential. Therefore, we are super open to all of the continuous suggestions and feedback from our community, both positive and negative. Any reaction is valid. So show us yours!

We are always listening, updating and improving.

Q8: Where can we find out more about Warena?

Ms.Jolie: You can find all our official channels here 😊

BSCDaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Warena 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Mr.VuHN: Thanks for watching us today. Hope you guys will find out about the Warena project and support us in the near future.

Ms.Jolie: Thank you for being here with us. It’s a great time that we can connect with you guys. Hope to see you on the next event, maybe of WARENA or PlayToEarnDaily ❤️

Thanks PlayToEarnDaily Team so much for helping us hold this amazing AMA ❤️

BSCDaily Admin: Thank you Ms.Jolie and Mr.VuHN for being here with the PlayToEarnDaily community! We wish you and Warena the best and smooth sailing in your upcoming journey

It has been a pleasure!

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